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Amazon Adds 33 New US Fulfillment Centers in 2020

Amazon Adds 33 New US Fulfillment Centers in 2020

Amazon said it is on track to open 33 new fulfillment centers in the US this year, which will increase peak fulfillment center standard-sized product storage capacity by nearly 35 million cubic feet more than last year.

It also revealed that over the course of 2019 and 2020, Amazon will have invested over $30 billion in building capacity, tools, services, and programs for sellers. It revealed the information in a post about changes to seller IPI performance metrics.

Amazon also announced this week it will open an 820,000 square-foot facility in Pflugerville, Texas, next year. The fulfillment center will feature Amazon robotics and will be used to fulfill small items such as books, electronics and toys.

Amazon said it has invested over $10.5 billion in Texas since 2010, including in local fulfillment center infrastructure and through compensation to thousands of employees in the state.

You can find that announcement on the AboutAmazon.com website.

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3 thoughts on “Amazon Adds 33 New US Fulfillment Centers in 2020”

  1. “Amazon also announced this week it will open an 820,000 square-foot facility in Pflugerville”……
    “Pflugerville”….sounds like something from the Golden Girls :o)
    But seriously, no need to make any more people any more.
    A I …is putting Extra People out of work. Amazon (BTW : That’s not a Smile on the box…) is NOT Man’s friend.
    And I dare say, Amazon is one of the entities for which Eminent Domain will work splendidly to erase neighborhoods of little humble homes…..
    This must be stopped.

  2. Just think if Ebay didn’t spend all that money on the useless shirts and their golden parachutes what they could be like. To late now. Our family of 11 love Amazon as we are prime members for the past 4 years. I don’t think we have had a problem with them. My grandmother is an avid sewing and quilting nut. She buys all her materials off of Amazon. She says the junk that comes from ebay isn’t worth using to clean her boots and this woman is 88 years old.

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