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How to Source Products from Goodwill during Shutdown

How to Source Products through Goodwill during Shutdown

Many thrift stores around the country are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but there’s still a way to buy items from Goodwill to resell online.

Goodwill San Francisco is offering Reseller Mystery Boxes containing items with a Goodwill retail price of at least $45 for a special price of $11 through selling app Poshmark.

The mystery boxes are only available to Poshmark sellers through its Wholesale Market, which is available to sellers who have sold 10 or more items on Poshmark and who have a seller rating of 4.5+.

“Each box contains up to five Goodwill store-quality items in assorted brands and sizes with a suggested Goodwill retail price of $45 or more,” Poshmark announced on Thursday.

Poshmark sellers can check their sales and average rating by going to Account Tab > My Posh Stats.

Goodwill will be adding boxes to its Poshmark closet weekly.

You can read the announcement on the Poshmark blog, find the FAQs on this page of the Poshmark website, and see what sellers have to say on Facebook (where some sellers link to their own bundled “mystery boxes”).

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7 thoughts on “How to Source Products from Goodwill during Shutdown”

  1. Wondering how much the shipping is on the 11$ mystery box. I’m on the East Coast so this has no bearing on me, but I also wonder how they determine the ‘retail’ value. As we know, every thrift store has it’s own formula. Sadly most of them look at listed prices, not sold, on eBay. Interesting this goes through Poshmark though. The local area is still listing items on shopgoodwill.com but supposedly not taking donations.. I’m a bit confused on this, but it is what is.

    1. I work in Goodwill in the midwest and we aren’t taking donations but at my location if things are brought to our store we have 2 employees that will check daily and will take the donations inside and sanitize them and quarantine them for future use. Goodwill has online shopping because alot of items are sent from the stores in your district to the shop where they determine if its quality is good enough to be sold online. So there are many items in the shop to be sold online and that’s why they can still offer online shopping it’s a huge warehouse and is stocked well most of the time.

    2. Poshmark has a flat rate for shipping.. I believe it is $7.15 for up to 5 pounds.. Usually these reseller boxes come in at under that weight. So I would assume that is the shipping.. It IS priority mail.

    3. Oh I just checked it.. it APPEARS They offer FREE SHIPPING on these boxes. You have to be eligible to buy from Poshmark wholesale though.. I did not read any further because I do not want any more clothing right now.. but it does seem like a pretty good deal!

  2. I’m a Posh seller and would qualify. I’ll look into this. Sounds like a deal for $11. However, I’m still selling my death pile, and little by little getting it down to under 200 items.

    1. Links are fine, if it told you cant access the site, it is because either you are not logged in or you can not do wholesale purchases with Poshmark.

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