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New Calculator Helps eBay Sellers Price for Profitability

New Calculator Helps eBay Sellers Price for Profitability

3Dsellers launched a new tool that allows eBay sellers to optimize their product pricing. The tool calculates eBay fees and factors other costs to help sellers determine each item’s profit margin.

3Dsellers cofounder and CEO Avi Assa said many online merchants end up with lower profits than expected due to miscalculations of fees, which often include eBay listing upgrades, PayPal commissions, shipping, and promotions.

“This often results in mandatory business strategy adjustments, customer volume loss, and even account suspensions,” he said.

The calculator allows sellers to enter their item cost, shipping, PayPal fees, eBay store subscription discounts, top-rated seller plus discount, a second category with fee caps, bold title, subtitle, gallery plus, eBay promotion rate and more.

Sellers can have the calculator recommend a price based on a desired profit amount (fixed profit or margin), or they set their own sales price and see fees and profits.

The company described the tool as follows:

“3Dsellers’ eBay calculator includes a detailed fee breakdown and profit overview. It provides sellers with a net profit amount, as well as a break-even price. This calculator provides these calculations whether a seller sets their own price or if the calculator suggests a price. Listing category, the second category, eBay’s Top Selling discounts, and Below Average Status fees are also included in the calculation fields for additional accuracy. Underneath the 3Dsellers eBay fee calculator, sellers can also have access to basic information graphs regarding eBay category listing fees and listing marketing upgrades.”

The calculator is available to all eBay sellers at no charge – they do not have to subscribe to 3Dsellers for access to the tool.

You can find the free eBay tool on the 3dsellers.com website, and it posted an explanatory video on YouTube.

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Ina Steiner
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One thought on “New Calculator Helps eBay Sellers Price for Profitability”

  1. There’s far less profit on eBay than other platforms because of seller desperation driving prices lower. Not pricing miscalculations. No sales mean sellers compete against each other to see who can be cheapest. That’s what happens when there’s no buyers. Buyers on eBay have been conditioned for years to be cheap and won’t pay what an item is worth or what it’s priced elsewhere. Then eBay feeds this bottom-feeding mentality all over the site by trying to push buyers to the cheapest junk regardless of condition. You offer something New/Like New/Very Good, then eBay is showing absolute junk and often unrelated items on your own listing pages for cheap prices, most of it Good/Acceptable condition. It’s as if this is eBay’s plan to be begging for a cheap sale so they can collect some fees. Just not what you’re selling, someone else’s cheap junk instead.

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