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App Aims to Keep Shoppers Calm While Awaiting Their Packages


Ship.com is a new mobile app for online shoppers that promises to solve all their package-tracking and shipping needs. The Ship.com app centralizes all retailer tracking and delivery notifications and offers package shipping from the phone – with no address information required.

The press release sounds a bit like an infomercial – it slices, it dices, it even thwarts porch pirates!

Its December 23rd press release actually starts off with the following: “Ship.com, an early-stage technology startup aiming to transform the way people track and ship their packages, has emerged from stealth mode as the first app for tracking, shipping, and sharing your packages. Ship.com socializes peer-to-peer shipments just as Venmo streamlined and socialized peer-to-peer payments. Ship.com centralizes all retailer tracking and delivery notifications in one app and offers package shipping from the phone with no address information required.”

Upon first glance, it appears Ship.com’s value proposition is giving consumers greater peace of mind – what seller wants an anxious buyer filing an item-not-received claim when the package is on its way? If they can more easily track their packages, so much the better.

But sellers are also buyers, and they may find the app helpful if it “delivers” on all of its promises: “The startup provides users with an innovative app to centralize tracking and delivery notifications from all retailers including Amazon and Walmart; sharing delivery information with friends and family; and shipping using a phone, at home or work, with USPS, UPS or FedEx,” Ship.com explained.

The app was developed by a team led by founder and CEO Joseph DiSorbo, who founded Webgistix Corporation, which was acquired by Rakuten in 2013.

The app offers some social and sharing features as well, though that won’t necessarily be everyone’s cup of tea. “Sharing of delivery notifications with friends and family (including those using the same Amazon Prime account) eliminates the need for phone calls, emails and texts to others about the status of a package (and real-time notifications shared with people at the delivery location helps combat Porch Pirates),” according to the press release.

“Ship.com also makes shipping packages to family and friends simple and fun with a mobile app that is easy to use and has the addresses you need with ShipTags (like sending money with Venmo). Users manage their own addresses so @joe can send to @kyle.”

The app available for download on iOS, Android, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant at no charge. Users wishing to send packages using USPS or UPS at a discounted rate must create a profile that includes payment information to cover shipping costs.

More information is available on Ship.com.

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