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eBay Vows to Fight for Small Businesses amid Postal Leadership Changes

eBay Vows to Fight for Small Businesses amid Postal Changes

eBay noted the impending retirement of Postmaster General Brennan along with changes to the USPS Board of Governors, and it said it would continue to fight on behalf of its small business customers.

The eBay Main Street grassroots advocacy program published a blog post on Thursday and said the eBay Government Relations team would continue working with USPS leadership to ensure that USPS services are affordable, universal, and reliable for buyers and sellers alike, no matter where they live.

eBay Main Street blog post follows:

Megan Brennan, the Postmaster General of the United States Postal Service (USPS), announced last week that she will retire in January 2020. Brennan has had a long career in the Postal Service, starting as a letter carrier over thirty years ago. She was the first woman to serve as Postmaster General, assuming the role in 2015. The Postmaster General serves as the chief executive of the USPS, and oversees postal operations.

In addition to Brennan’s departure, USPS has three relatively new members serving on its Board of Governors – John McLeon Barger, Ron A. Bloom, and Roman Martinez IV were confirmed by the Senate in August. The Board of Governors will select the next Postmaster General.

eBay small businesses rely heavily on postal products to reach buyers in every corner of the country. eBay’ Government Relations team will continue working with USPS leadership to ensure that USPS services are affordable, universal, and reliable for buyers and sellers alike, no matter where they live. Please check in regularly for updates on policy updates on these important issues.

SOURCE: eBay Main Street Blog Post

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Ina Steiner
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15 thoughts on “eBay Vows to Fight for Small Businesses amid Postal Leadership Changes”

  1. oh please…they’re gonna fight postal increases on China shipments. It’s all lip service for U.S. sellers.

    1. Totally agree. The postal treaty only benefits them and kills US sellers. The sooner that the USPS starts charging the Chinese merchants for importing here, the better.

  2. Why does eBay gush with such silliness? We’ve seen how they’ve succeeded in their previous battles with the post office – it’s more expensive and outrageous than ever. Ugh!

  3. I’m sorry but I like the cheap stuff from China. I buy lots of electronic parts to fix the stuff I sell and provided that I’m in no hurry ordering from Asian suppliers through eBay or AliExpress gets me what I need for a fraction of the cost of buying domestically.
    Of course US sellers can’t compete but even if they hike the postage prices you would still need to work for the same hourly rate as someone in China which I’m sure you wouldn’t want to do.
    So I wish that US sellers would stop going on about how we need protectionist policies to drive up the costs for everyone. The truth is that if you’re trying to make a living selling 99 cent USB cords then you’re pursuing an dumb business strategy and you deserve to fail. Sorry but that’s the reality of living in a high cost economy. Pick something differentiated to sell instead.
    Personally I think that if eBay management has the energy to go into bat for us sellers then I’d like them to go and talk to their former colleagues in PayPal to get the ~3% fee imposition on refunds reversed, at least as far as eBay transactions are concerned maybe. That would actually be useful. I’m sure they have more leverage over PayPal than individual sellers do.

  4. WHAT???? No, the higher the postage, the higher the FVF. Why would they do anything that would bring their cut down? This is what ebay lives for, higher costs on the seller= higher prices = higher fvf.

    They do nothing to grow, attract, and promote ebay. Its only “how can we get more fee’s”

  5. @hardworkingseller, I wish Americans in general would stop relying on cheap Chinese crap. If you’re sourcing your parts from a country with designs to rule the world under their Communist regime just because they’re the cheapest game in town, then “you’re pursuing a dumb business strategy and you deserve to fail.”

  6. I think the only thing eBay has accomplished is keeping China’s postage so cheap. The way these sites protect their Chinese sellers even in their own forums is ridiculous. Say the same things about any American and it would go unpunished.

    Besides, if these companies really think that the majority of us believe any of their claims that they’re trying to help sellers, then they’re only deluding themselves. Actions speak louder than words.

  7. @hardworkingseller
    Are you clueless re the amount of COUNTERFEIT Chinese crap on ebay that ebay winks at?
    ebay ENCOURAGES illegit sales from China. Who can compete with 75% off AND low shipping?
    Go ahead…love you some Chinese.

  8. For example if I need some resistors of a particular value then I can get 100 for 76 cents shipped from an Asian seller. Price in the USA is over $4 for the same product, probably double that if I go to one of the mail order parts houses.

    I don’t believe that there are two sets of factories, one producing “fake” resistors. It’s just cheaper to buy direct.

    I’m very happy with the current deal and don’t mind the wait. And if you can’t make a living selling resistors in the USA then sell something else rather than expect me to subsidize your poor product strategy.

    1. Oh, I’m sure you’re happy to pay 76 cents for cheap labor. Pray tell, do you get free shipping, too? How great it is that you can buy 100 resistors and have them shipped all the way from China for a mere 76 cents. God forbid an American would charge a reasonable $4!

      Just because you’re a cheapskate who wants to sell out our country to Communism doesn’t mean the rest of us have poor strategies. It’s the rest of us that have to put up with people like you making things worse for this country. So, I’m glad you’re happy about that. You’re a great asset to this country. NOT!

    2. I just had an idea. Everyone who loves shopping for cheap Chinese crap can just move to China! Then, maybe you could save yourself another 75 cents and the American economy would have a chance to recover. Another problem it would solve is that U.S. sellers would no longer have to compete with evil people who are actually hoping you keep buying their cheap crap so they can one day rule the world!

      What? You don’t want to find yourself living in a Communist country? Well, then quit buying their stuff!

    3. Look, all I’m trying to say is that people really need to think about the true cost behind those alleged savings you’re getting. Would it be worth the cost of moving to China to save 75 cents? No. Would it be worth the cost of your country being taken over by a Communist regime to save $3+?

      Please know that I’m not crying wolf, here. Anyone who keeps up with what’s going on around the world should be able to see that what I say is true. There was one documentary I watched where Chinese citizens were saying it would be great if their country ruled the world. Scary, isn’t it!

      So, what’s the quality of your life worth to you?

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