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Ina Steiner
Ina Steiner is co-founder and Editor of EcommerceBytes and has been reporting on ecommerce since 1999. She's a widely cited authority on marketplace selling and is author of "Turn eBay Data Into Dollars" (McGraw-Hill 2006). Her blog was featured in the book, "Blogging Heroes" (Wiley 2008). Follow her on Twitter at @ecommercebytes and send news tips to ina@ecommercebytes.com.

7 thoughts on “Guide to Selling on Facebook – Now with Checkout”

  1. Items need to be received by the buyer within 7 days? Well, in that case, I’m out. I can’t be responsible for USPS delays. Plus, media mail is often estimated to take about 7 days from the time of shipment. So, if it’s just one day late or if I don’t ship the same day, it’s too slow. Plus, forget shipping anything in a tube. Although first class or priority mail tubes are estimated by USPS to take the same amount of time as any other shaped package with the same shipping point and destination, tubes almost always take longer. If they are shipped first class, they take WAY longer.

  2. When I first heard about this, I was excited to give it a try. Now that I see that we can’t get paid via PayPal, I’ve lost interest. PayPal is what I use for my business banking, so my checking account is my personal account.

    I found it very tedious trying to keep up with transferring funds received from Etsy to my PayPal account. It’s an extra step I shouldn’t have to worry about. I don’t like taking money out of my checking account until I know it’s been covered, which means I wait for funds to be deposited to my personal account before I will transfer them to my business account.

    As a result, there are numerous deposits that still haven’t made it to my business account, particularly after I had to switch to monthly deposits on Etsy when they changed their billing system. Now I have to go back in time to figure out which ones were and which were not transferred. That is a time consuming process that I shouldn’t have to go through.

    Plus, my personal account should NOT be involved in the least. My Etsy funds are basically changing accounts three times before they end up where they belong — customer to Etsy to personal checking to PayPal. That’s exactly what I would be dealing with if I sold on Facebook. I’ve already gotten rid of Etsy and I’m not the least bit interested in setting up with another marketplace that doesn’t give me full control of my own funds.

    Also, what happens if the customer doesn’t receive the item by the 7th day? Do they withhold your funds, refund the customer, push your listings to the bottom of the feed or…? While I understand the need to protect consumers from having issues receiving items they paid for, I don’t like dealing with any marketplace that’s going to hold against me any mishaps the USPS experiences.

    I did my part and got the item to the USPS. What happens to a package after it leaves my hands is out of my control. If something happens and the customer doesn’t get what they paid for, then I personally take care of my customers, providing a replacement, even exchange or a refund, whichever they choose. I don’t need a middleman telling me how to run my business.

    I’ve already left all the marketplaces that try because they have no clue what they’re talking about and keep trying to push manipulated survey results so they can pretend they do and get away with financially sticking it to their customers (sellers) in some way or another. Why on Earth would I want to join another that does the same?

    Mind you, I’m one whose feedback is full of comments from customers about how fast I ship. So, this isn’t something that I should have to be worried about. I’ve only had a package go astray ONCE, but it still made it to the customer a mere day later than expected. If I’m going to be punished or lose money for things like that, then…nope…not interested. This is my business. I run it the way I see fit and I’m big on customer satisfaction.

    So these marketplaces need to get over themselves and stop messing with those who’ve already proven to be a legit seller who takes care of their customers. They need to spend more time monitoring those who are known for problematic transactions and deal with them accordingly and leave decent businesses to properly deal with the few problems they do experience.

  3. @lessthanthreerecords – Why do you prefer to ship via Media Mail? I’m going to guess (based on your nickname here) that you sell records. Is there such a difference between Media Mail and First Class Parcel postage that shoppers would not purchase your listings if you only offered FC shipping? I currently have one product which, due to its size (length) makes the Priority Mail “tube” (triangle) box the best packaging option; these items have been arriving just as quickly as anything else shipped via Priority Mail!

    @Picky Chicky – Do you have a bookkeeping system or do you just go by your deposits? If you had a bookkeeping system (spreadsheet, for example, or even an old-school ledger), then you would know how your business is doing. Bookkeeping is about what you take in and what you spend, not about where the funds are kept or how often they’re disbursed by various marketplaces, and you wouldn’t need to transfer funds from your bank to PayPal, etc. If your business is doing enough volume that you receive a 1099 from a payment processor, you probably *should* consider having a “real” business checking account rather than relying on PayPal. If your bank charges fees for business accounts, they would be deductible on Schedule C.

    I totally agree with marketplaces needing to get over themselves! I’ve had a business, off and on, since 1985 so I also know how to run a business, understand shipping options, provide awesome customer service, all that fun stuff.

    1. I actually do have Quicken and Quickbooks. I was keeping everything on Quicken, but wanted to upgrade to QB. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t convert my old Quicken files, which is 20 years worth of data. So I haven’t done any data entry in a long time and need to catch up on it now that I’ve decided to stick with Quicken.

      When I tackle that monumental task is when I’ll be able to figure out what still needs depositing.

    2. Sorry, I also meant to say that I will get a business bank account if the income ever warrants the need for one. Until then, PayPal is my business’s “bank”. I have a PP debit card that I can use for business purchases on and offline, so it works just fine for my current needs.

  4. FB is doing fairly well for me locally. One problem I — and many others in some of my sales’ groups are having is the items that get flagged. For example, I ran an American Girl Horse and it got flagged because you can’t sell live animals.. I appealed. They denied. I changed the word to toy horse–it was still flagged.

  5. I’ve been very successful with FB. If someone wants an item shipped, through Messenger, I can give them the email for PayPal. Their shipping address is already there. Haven’t had a problem. But most of my sales are in person. I’ve met the nicest people! And I don’t have to worry about sales tax!

    And before I quit Ebay and Bonanza, my comments were also about how fast I shipped. Shipping has become such a crap shoot these days, putting a 7 day limit on shipping is a bit stressful.

    SO tired of these places trying to take control.

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