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eBay Updates Item Specifics that Help Listings Get Found

eBay Updates Item Specifics that Help Listings Get Found

eBay has updated Item Specifics, which are fields that describe a product’s attributes, and it reminded sellers that it’s making some Item Specifics mandatory (“required”) in the Home & Garden categories. eBay is also adding reminders to the listing flow.

“As part of these changes, any ‘required’ item specifics in Home & Garden categories will need to be added to any new or revised listings starting on July 30th, 2019.”

eBay had warned sellers of changes in its Spring Seller Update, and it also referenced its “Early” Seller Update where it said it was backing off from some requirements around the product-based shopping experience it had launched (which it refers to as PBSE):

“Organizing the world’s largest catalog is a massive undertaking. Building on the work you’ve helped us complete so far, moving forward we are simplifying our ask of you.

“You will be able to optimize your listings for product-based shopping by simply providing complete and accurate item specifics when you list.”

In October, eBay CEO Devin Wenig told analysts he was shifting tactics after finding that existing shoppers don’t like some of the changes made to the marketplace. “We’re very conscious that we don’t want to screw up the existing ecosystem.”

See Wednesday’s full post on the eBay Announcement Board, which includes a screenshot from the advanced listing tool that shows Item Specifics for a pair of Levi’s that shows which ones are “Required” and which ones are “Recommended.”

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Ina Steiner
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One thought on “eBay Updates Item Specifics that Help Listings Get Found”

  1. Brilliant. It used to be if you were selling a polo shirt, you could list it in Sporting goods with several sub categories (knowing that you will lose some buyer’s searches who pick Clothing/ Men’s Shirts) and even when you do choose Men’s shirts, there are subcategories for Activewear, Polos, or Button-Down shirts. It was only last year the Polos subcategory was added, but there was something wrong with the item specifics there (I forget what) so I (and most others) never use that, but instead use Button Down Shirts which has an item specific for Polo/Rugby.
    So very recently the eBay genius added a 2nd item specific in addition to Polo/Rugby called Golf/Polo.
    The only remedy to this madness is to put as much relevant info as you can in the title and hope customers can zero in on it with their 1st search attempt. That’s not much of a remedy, but what else can you do?

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