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The Buzz for March 4th: What Sellers Are Talking About, Amazon Edition

What Amazon Sellers Are Talking About

What are sellers talking about this week? We pulled out a few topics from the Amazon discussion boards in today’s column.

Amazon sellers are discussing changes to the Order Detail page.

Change for the sake of change? Or is it to make the page more mobile friendly, as one seller theorized?

  • “It just spreads out the information all across the page and looks unnecessarily complicated. The previous version consolidated the information in one area and was a much quicker read. I’m sure I’ll get used to this version over time but it’s definitely a NOT an improvement.”
  • “What I find to be the biggest regression is the search system. That, combined with other filters on a page where they now want you to only see FBA, or seller fulfilled, but not both at the same time, leaves the new page less sharp than the previous one.”
  • “The page is not good. You have to zoom out to get the notes and order details all in one page when you have a split window,…They should allow you to move the widgets where needed.”
  • “I agree it’s a huge downgrade. It appears they are making all the pages mobile friendly for all the sellers who run their business from their MOTOROLA RAZOR phones.”

Link to thread: “Sorry Amazon, the New Order Detail Page IS NOT an Improvement”

Sellers say Amazon is removing “innocent” ASINs because they’re being inaccurately labeled Rhino Male Enhancement Supplements.

And as frustrating as that is, sellers are even more concerned about the impact on their performance standings. As one seller said, “I’d be more concerned about the policy violation showing on myAccount Health page than about getting listings back.”

  • “A number of book ASINS were just removed as they are being inexplicably called “Rhino Male Enhancement Supplements” which is so mind-bogglingly absurd I can’t even imagine how they made the mistake in the first place. It has affected one author in particular, Jean Auel, which doesn’t do anything to clear up the issue.”
  • “As silly as it is, I’ve realized that creating a “letter of compliance” on company letterhead stating each ASINs’ full title, outlining each item that’s been mistakenly restricted describing why you believe each restriction to be incorrect and providing that “official” document drafted to SS to pass along to the appropriate department seems to work a bit better than to solely leave it in their hands to outline and pass along accordingly.”

Link to thread: “Amazon just removed a slew of book ASINs because they are by some unbelievable stretch of the imagination “male enhancement products” – how to get them reinstated?”

An artisan seller is wondering why their items on Amazon Handmade are not showing up in search.

It appears nobody has any advice for the seller.

“I have a few amazon.ca FBA items, but none of them show up when I search for them in the General Search Bar (All Department). I even filtered by Prime. Once filtered by Prime, there’s only 1 page search result for it, but my item still does not show up. I have to specifically select Handmade department for them to show up. My search term is “Tooth Fairy Pillow”. There’s a bunch of other similar handmade items that did not showing up until Handmade department is selected in the search bar as well. Is this how Amazon search works? They specifically filter out Handmade? I was planning to add a bunch of my handmade products to Amazon, but if this is how search is done, I wouldn’t want to waste my time and effort.
Is it just me or everyone seeing the same thing?”

Link to thread: “My handmade FBA items not showing in general search”

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