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eBay Expands Retail Revival Program to North Carolina

eBay Expands Retail Revival Program to North Carolina

eBay expanded its Retail Revival program to the North Carolina city of Greensboro, the fifth city participating in the program. eBay launched the program last year in Akron, Ohio. Other cities include Lansing, Michigan; Wolverhampton, UK; and Halifax, Canada.

The program helps eBay generate publicity and goodwill by focusing on helping traditional “Main Street” businesses sell on its marketplace.

In today’s announcement, eBay boasted that participating sellers in Akron and Lansing have sold over 30,000 items to more than 17,000 customers, and that Wolverhampton sellers hit the $2 million mark in collective revenue within the first five months.

In a recent post about the UK program, eBay explained participants benefit from one-on-one support to create personalized eBay shops, a comprehensive training program that covers eBay selling basics, as well as digital skills, such as search engine optimization and social media marketing. eBay will continue providing support and training to Wolverhampton businesses through November 2019.

Press release follows:

Today, eBay will launch Retail Revival in its fifth partner city: Greensboro, North Carolina. With its rich history as a textiles manufacturing hub and a pioneer in the Civil Rights movement, Greensboro offered the perfect balance of grit and vision to make this program a success.

Retail Revival will help fuel the growth of Greensboro small businesses by equipping them with the tools they need to harness the power of eBay’s platform and global marketplace. Each partner city works with eBay for a 12-month period, during which participating businesses receive training, support and resources to start and scale their businesses on eBay. They are also promoted through ongoing storytelling, media outreach and a dedicated landing page – ebay.com/RetailRevival – where shoppers can browse and buy their unique products.

“Today is an exciting day for the Greensboro small business community,” said Mayor Nancy Vaughan. “We’re thankful for eBay’s partnership and support of our local entrepreneurs, and we’re excited to bring Greensboro’s creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to the world through the Retail Revival program.”

The Retail Revival Greensboro launch will begin with a Seller Kick-Off event hosted by eBay for the more than 70 Greensboro businesses selected for the program. The participating businesses represent nearly every vertical, including home & garden, fashion, sporting goods, electronics, art and more. With expert guidance from a team of eBay’s seller support specialists, these businesses will be taken through a full day of programming as they learn best practices and practical tips for making the most of eBay’s platform. Included among the training topics discussed will be listing optimization, pricing strategies, and inventory management.

The Seller Kick-Off will also include breakout sessions to learn the ins and outs of selling on eBay, a seller panel moderated by Dominique Hollins, eBay’s seller diversity manager, with three top eBay sellers (Michael Wilson, owner of Wilson Brothers Jewelry; Laurie Wong, of Reflections of Trinity and Scott Rowbotham, North Carolina resident and owner of HPTAutoSport), who will share their perspectives on ecommerce and how eBay has transformed their businesses, and a celebratory reception to cap off a successful day.

The number and strength of applicants in Greensboro was tremendous, making the selection process highly competitive. After gathering input from several teams across eBay, businesses were ultimately selected on the basis of product-market fit, uniqueness of inventory, readiness for growth and strength of their brand narrative.

“From the vibrant downtown to the neighborhood streets, Greensboro is an ideal place to launch our Retail Revival initiative,” said Steve Wymer, SVP and Chief Communications Officer at eBay. “The support for this important program from Mayor Vaughan and the City has been so encouraging, and that enthusiasm has also been reflected in the incredible cohort of participants. Empowering small businesses in communities across the world is central to eBay’s identity and purpose, and we’re thrilled to partner with Greensboro in this pursuit.”

Retail Revival was first introduced in the U.S. in early 2018 with the goal of helping traditional “Main Street” businesses connect online with eBay’s 179 million active buyers. It began in Akron, Ohio then expanded to nearby Lansing, Michigan before going global with launches in Wolverhampton, UK and, most recently, Halifax, Canada. To date, the program has produced meaningful results for participating businesses:

  • Akron and Lansing sellers have sold over 30k items to more than 17k customers in all 50 states and 105 countries.
  • Wolverhampton sellers hit the $2M mark in collective revenue within the first five months.
  • The Retail Revival program helps advance existing economic development efforts by harnessing the power of technology and eBay’s global marketplace to support local business communities.

Learn more about participating businesses and shop their unique inventory at ebay.com/RetailRevival (Greensboro businesses added soon!).

SOURCE: eBay Press Release

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One thought on “eBay Expands Retail Revival Program to North Carolina”

  1. Yeah – I have to comment – I think I HeartJackSparrow posted in the past about math on the numbers but now – lets refer back to :
    Sept 17 2018 (Ebay Revival Notes:….. https://www.ebayinc.com/stories/news/retail-revival-hello-lansing/)
    After hundreds of applications, numerous meetings and months of work in preparation for launching this partnership, we hit the ground running – onboarding more than 100 small businesses in Akron and surrounding communities on March 1st. After six months in Akron, the program has expanded to Lansing, Michigan with more than 50 participating small businesses.
    ——– ——————————–

    So – Between Akron and Lansing – A total of 150 Sellers (maybe a tad more)……Since Sept 2018 (and 6 months prior when this article BY Ebay came out) – So we are looking at a 12 month period.

    Let’s See, Over 30,000 Items Sold and assuming each business had an equal share :
    150 businesses (30,000 items/150 businesses) = 200 Items per store (for the first year)
    (and of course 17,000 bought means each buyer purchased less than 2 items apiece)
    That means over a 12 month period……..200 Items/12 Months = 17 Items sell each month – WOW, just WOW.

    Which would relate to Ebay’s current Sellers – So if an Ebay store is selling over 17 items each month – they can consider it above and beyond the Retail Revival count – and a Success too! And I am sure those 150 business are prospering beyond their wildest dreams selling 17 items a month!

    I truly hope these businesses are not depending on Ebay for their day to day income because that would be truly sad… and after all the time and effort the Ebay staff put into converting these sellers to on-line selling (As in their own words: After hundreds of applications, numerous meetings and MONTHS of work in preparation for launching this partnership, we hit the ground running……..)

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