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eBay Executive Exodus: Chief Information Officer Departs

eBay Chief Information Officer Departs

eBay’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) is leaving the company, the latest in an exodus of top executives. Dan Morales joined eBay in 2011 and will become CIO of Universal Music Group (UMG), effective April 15, 2019.

According to the press release announcing his appointment, UMG said that Morale’s responsibilities at eBay included “business intelligence and analytics, networking, global enterprise technology operations and enabling functions.”

“When eBay and PayPal split in 2015, Morales led the team that separated the companies’ technology systems and rebuilt eBay’s global technology and applications,” the press release continued.

Among the accomplishments at eBay Morales cites on his LinkedIn profile: “Partnered with Business Executives, to build a massively scalable signal detection engine that leveraged advance data science techniques to detect data anomalies with fraud, ecommerce trends and cyber security intrusions.”

Note that a CIO is different from a Chief Technology Officer (CTO). In eBay’s case, CTO Steve Fisher is responsible for the end-to-end eBay product experience and technology platform, and he also leads the strategy and execution of eBay’s major new payments initiative.

In 2017, Silicon Valley Business Journal reported that Morales won the Bay Area CIO of the Year lifetime achievement award, noting that he was revamping eBay’s IT ecosystem in the wake of eBay’s split with PayPal.

“eBay was left with legacy technology when we kind of split our own way,” the CIO told the publication, which also quoted eBay Chief Financial Officer praising his colleague for helping separate the IT infrastructure between eBay and PayPal.

Now eBay is facing another breakup as activist investors urge it to explore selling off StubHub and its eBay Classifieds unit.

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3 thoughts on “eBay Executive Exodus: Chief Information Officer Departs”

  1. It seems the executives cannot get off the ship fast enough since that activist letter was released. I think they all see the writing on the wall and that Wenigs days are numbered as he has no clue what he is doing other than throwing ideas at the wall and if it looks like it might make extra money for Ebay it gets implemented with little or no notice.

    What a useless waste of money on a CEO and the executives have now agreed and are leaving as fast as they can find another job or even the potential of another job as they do not want to be there when Wenig points the finger at everybody but himself as to why Ebay is failing to be an important factor in Ecommerce.

  2. If eBay would just listen to the Buyers doing searches they would know eBay’s BILLION dollar Mistake, is it’s search system! I get 100 searches send to me /day. One is Aires camera; of the 23 NEW searches, 0 was a Aires camera! On the website Put in;” Aires Camera ” 6,537 returns of which 27 are actually a Aires Camera mixed in with all kinds of wrong returns! This is ebay’s BILLION dollar mistake/yr. the search system was designed and programmed by idiots! Is anyone trying to help eBay solve these ultra serious problems? I am, and even calling eBay CS is pure waste of your time!

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