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High Ranking eBay Executive Leaves European Post

High Ranking eBay Executive Leaves European Post

The head of eBay Spain and Italy departed the company, according to AIM Group.

“The general manager of EBay Spain and Italy, Susana Voces, has left the company after two years in her current role. Previously, she was country manager for EBay Spain for nearly four years, after joining EBay from PayPal.”

The publication cited a report in Spanish-language newspaper El Espanol.

Even before Wall Street activist investors began pressuring eBay to consider selling its classifieds sites and ticket marketplace and streamline its operations, eBay was losing some high-level executives.

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4 thoughts on “High Ranking eBay Executive Leaves European Post”

  1. Once again a high ranking executive has bailed on Ebay, showing a no confidence vote in Wenig and his ability to turn the company around with his idiotic knee jerk changes. Ebay knows as well as the rest of us that they cannot grow the number of buyers that come to Ebay because they haven’t a clue what they are doing and continue to chase off Sellers who in turn take their better quality products to other platforms and naturally the buyers follow, but will leave their low end items on Ebay. So now they are forcing Sellers to list all Fixed Price Listings as GTC on the off chance that they can grow some by using Google without paying them anything extra of course, but once again squeezing more blood out of the current Sellers by hoping they forget to cancel their items at 29 days.

    Activist Investor Elliott emphasized that the high turnover rate at the executive level is unacceptable. But since that letter hit the internet, Wenig has basically thumbed his nose at this investor group and lost 3 more high level employees. IMHO this shows that even his handpicked executives have no confidence in his abilities to continue running this company.

    Wenig should just resign before he completely ruins the marketplace which was Ebays’ greatest asset and officially becomes known as the CEO that could not run a company as well as a Monkey. I really hope that Wenig has the guts to broadcast the Shareholder meeting in its entirety, including the Q & A session, this year, so all can see just how hopeless and useless is leadership is.

  2. Wenig is typical bad management. Doesn’t know anything, can’t do anything, isn’t worth anything. And they’ll never _ever_ get rid of him.

  3. Change that number to 4 as the CIO has just announced that he is now leaving Ebay. This has to make Wenig scared as nobody wants to be around him when the ax falls on his neck. They know the ship is sinking and that the only way to save it is for a complete revamp of all upper management who will then need to review all their workers to see if any of them are even worth keeping.,

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