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Ina Steiner is co-founder and Editor of EcommerceBytes and has been reporting on ecommerce since 1999. She's a widely cited authority on marketplace selling and is author of "Turn eBay Data Into Dollars" (McGraw-Hill 2006). Her blog was featured in the book, "Blogging Heroes" (Wiley 2008). Follow her on Twitter at @ecommercebytes and send news tips to ina@ecommercebytes.com.

7 thoughts on “Etsy Continues to Work on Forum and Teams after Revamp”

    Get a handle it. Real time updates please.
    IMHO : Anyone having time to waste on “teams” and in “forums”, isn’t a serious Etsy Artist busy satisfying clients across the US.
    Undivided attention is at a premium.

  2. I’ve been with Etsy a long time. Back when I wasn’t making sales and had time to interact with forums & teams. It didn’t reap me any benefits then and now that I am making sales, the few times I’ve tried to find an answer–it doesn’t help now.

    Honestly, if I thought there would be any benefit I’d get involved. But my time for browsing is very limited. Where do the people who post on these things find the time? I’m busy. Yes, I do contribute as well as look for answers. I’m not looking or asking for a one-way street.

  3. “Following the migration to Etsy’s new community spaces, members who are muted in the Forums are currently unable to post in Etsy Team discussion boards. This change remains under review and we’ll continue to provide updates here as they become available”.

    And there is supposed to be free speech in the USA??????

    1. @oberon1 – Freedom of Speech only applies to government entities, not businesses. Etsy and its shareholders can impose any restrictions they want to on their forums.

  4. https://corporate.findlaw.com/law-library/freedom-of-speech-in-the-workplace-the-first-amendment-revisited.html

    For example, punishing an employee because of his religion is not technically a First Amendment violation in the private sector, but it would be a violation of the anti-discrimination laws. Conversely, the anti-discrimination laws prohibit certain types of expression on the part of employers, such as comments that constitute sexual or racial harassment, thereby putting a limit on “free speech” in the workplace.

    Is this employee’s speech being restricted or punished because the employee is expressing religious or other beliefs that are different from the employer’s or from co-workers?
    Are employees of some religions or national origins allowed to express themselves regarding religion or national origin, but not others?

    Not so sure about that at all MimikyulLoveYou?

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