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Michele Alice
Michele Alice
Michele Alice is EcommerceBytes Update Contributing Editor. Michele is a freelance writer in the Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts. She collects books, science fiction memorabilia and more!

One thought on “Collectors Corner: The Sears Christmas Wish Book”

  1. As a kid 65 years ago I can remember with my 2 sisters getting all dressed up as our mother was going to take us to Sears. Sears had everything. Nice clerks and great service. We spent hours just looking as we really couldn’t do much but dream what it would be like to have those nice shoes or new dress.

    Flash forward to the 80’s. Still shopped at Sears but not as much as the stores started being dirtier than the basement in our house. Service was hard to find as they went to the kiosk for check out. Merchandise started that downward trend so common now adays before business start showing that they are struggling.

    Around 2005 or so they bought out KMart. KMart the junk store of America. After a few years Sears was no longer the clean well run store. Clothes looked like they could use a good cleaning and ironing. Looked like they were stored in a box for years and then just hung on a hanger. Clerks were rude and hard to find for anything. The downward slide continued. KMart look like an old surplus army store with stuff just piled up. No One really cared anymore. Customers started to leave and go to the shiny clean stores Hudson, Macy’s. Wal Mark. Sears just raised their prices and continued with their dirty stores crammed with items that were dirtier.

    Now Sears is Folding. The good old days of 50 or 60 years ago will not be coming back. Sears like so many others never learned that they needed to provide the products people were looking for. Not some just from some foreign country. People are looking for clean stores and great experiences. Sears failed at both. We for one family will keep the memories but are glad they are going out of business. Even the parking lots are cleaner now.

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