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6 thoughts on “Postal Workers Run Ad against Privatizing the US Postal Service”

  1. Its CALLED JOB SECURITY. Privatizing the post office is going to result in the lost of jobs and delivery will be down to a few days a week. Problem with the way things are now is the board has no gonads to make those decisions as long as the union is in control.

  2. Not everyone cares about mail 6 days/week.. and this is a prime example of how Socialism sucks.. If I live in a city and it’s super easy to deliver my mail on the city route, why am I paying the same rates as someone who chooses to live out in the middle of Nowhere? It costs a lot more to provide that extra delivery service to them. And there is the Universal Truth that the government cannot do Anything efficiently. Competition is a good thing. The people who choose to work for the USPS are no more sacred than other hard working Americans. A large Priority box is almost $19! And I am fed up with their No Accountability – they have lost 3 items I have mailed out to my shoppers but the only service they Guarantee is Express.. when the items go missing after their third or 4th scan, it SHOULD be their fault at that point, but they tell you to fill out an online tracing form just to slow walk things and make you think they are looking for what you sent.
    I am 100% Fed Up and I think competition, or at least a viable Choice is a good thing.

    1. If USPS Priority is too expensive, you have two options:
      1 – use FedEx or UPS instead
      2 – live within your means

  3. Service where I live is terrible so I wrote to the postal commissioner with complaints and suggestions on how to improve service and cut costs. One area I focused on was to stop biting the hand that feeds them meaning online sellers. The USPS continually raises Priority rates while shrinking box sizes. Two months later I received an EMAIL reply indicating a response was on its way which never happened. Then I got a request, again, via email, for a survey on they did!
    My feedback to them indicated my dissatisfaction & surprise at their use of email after I took the time to type and mail a letter…

  4. Look how great it works for the Royal Mail in the UK, this week they are being kicked out of the stock market because their stock is not even worth a penny. They Triple the cost, added banking services, insurance services and still, these greedy Rats claim they make no money. It cost 7 dollars to ship a 2 oz package across the street. Yea, the USPS workers are very right and they should avoid privatization at all costs.

  5. USPS has it problems, especially in some areas but it’s really good for what you pay.
    Russia Post would blow you away with their quality, but they are improving slowly.
    And UK is horrible.

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