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4 thoughts on “Letter Carriers Say UPU Pullout Harms USPS, Helps Private Carriers”

  1. Union is more concerned with the lose of the packages than the cost to the american taxpayer. Maybe if we were to get rid of this crazy Epacket their might be some layoffs of postal workers. Hard to justify Epackets

  2. I’m surprised they didn’t also claim this will hamper the fight against terrorism and increase global warming. Simple free market principles should govern rather than these labyrinthine organizations and regulations. If China wants to keep their populace occupied with commercial as opposed to political activity, they’re free to subsidize it with their own yen, which they have plenty of.

  3. So, let me get this right, the USPS cannot compete with private carriers, if it does not subsidize Chinese shipping to the US? Seems to me to be a management issue and a business model issue with the USPS. Why should Americans subsidize a BLOATED government institution? I work for the USPS and for an American to ship to China (retail), it costs MINIMALLY $24.00 and goes up from there depending on the weight and dimensional size of the box. So, it makes it very expensive for US companies to ship to China….. I don’t see the USPS (or it’s union) doing ANYTHING (except bleeding Americans dry in shipping) to reduce the prices for Americans to ship to China?? All this garbage about citizens not being able to ship to their families is JUST HOGWASH. A Chinese gentleman came to me at the post office to ship a baby stroller to China (to his family) and when he found out it would be $123, he decided to not ship it because it was too expensive. Apparently, all they care about is Chinese citizens shipping to families in the US and not the other way around.

    Furthermore, the treaty is for DEVELOPING NATIONS…..like Ethiopia. China is far from a developing nation these days. China owns a 1/3 of our national debt, is growing at an annual rate of 6.7% (compared to the US 3.3% rate) and developing a much larger middle class consumer base than the US. So, exactly why do they qualify for the subsidize rate? They are not a “poor nation that is developing”, which is WHY the treaty does subsidize rates? The USPS’ union (and the USPS by extension) argument in no argument at all. It just sounds like a lot of whining. because the USPS can’t compete with private carriers, due to over bloating of it’s legacy costs, subsidizing rates to China and making private corporate deals at subsidized rates for corporate giants. Meanwhile, it is us (regular Joe’s paying the piper) paying for all of this……just remember when rates go up in January (it is not that the cost has really gone up, but rather it is because all the subsidizing done for other countries, corporate giants (like Amazon) and to disguise a very bad business model.

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