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eBay Replaces General Manager of New York Office

Bradford Shellhammer

Bradford ShellhammereBay named Bradford Shellhammer General Manager of its New York office, which includes technology, marketing, ads, sales, design, and merchandising departments. Shellhammer had been eBay’s Global Head of Buyer Engagement & Growth, and joined the company 2 years ago. According to eBay’s announcement:

“Founder of design-focused ecommerce sites Fab.com and Bezar, Bradford became a star in the design world early on in his career by leveraging his keen business instincts and immaculate taste. In 2016, Bradford was brought onto the executive team at eBay to serve as Head of Curation & Merchandising, bringing with him an entrepreneurial spirit and wealth of experience in design and ecommerce.”

eBay said Shellhammer was responsible for launching eBay’s new home page as well as the “Under $10” store.

Projects he’s now working on include: guest Watching and Saving, visually similar search and browse, new brand pages, and smarter, contextual coupons for new customers. “These are just a few of the many activations coming out of Bradford’s team in the next few months, alone,” according to eBay.

“As the newly appointed General Manager of the eBay New York office, Bradford is part of the leadership team modernizing the eBay we all know and love,” eBay said in its announcement.

Interestingly eBay said Shellhammer calls the merchandising department “the masterminds” of eBay’s algorithms.

He replaces Beck Kloss, who, in addition to running eBay’s New York office, ran Global Advertising and Merchandising. Kloss left eBay and is now a vice president at Spotify.

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17 thoughts on “eBay Replaces General Manager of New York Office”

  1. just another jabronie for the delusional ceo to blame for the cesspool after the third quarter smoke and mirror results

  2. Honest to God, can’t they get a Regular, down to Earth person ?
    Always with the dopey, out of touch wise guys.
    Get with the program.

  3. Is Bradford a former stand-up comedian? What kind of person uses a publicity photo that’s like something you’d see outside a comedy club, or looks like the goofy friend in the newest rom com?

  4. This is the guy who is making all of these changes? Now I understand a lot more why everything is messed up. This like looks like a creep and is totally “Loony Tunes”.

    eBay = Dead Man Walking

  5. I read the story and that was normal gathering information, but seeing the picture that was disturbing…..his lopsided grin bothers me and his pose with his hand in his shirt…….that sends messages. Just too disturbing. That’s not a normal pose. Whether you believe in secret societies or illuminati or what ever….there is a message in that photo and it just seems to stick out BAD. We already know that NOTHING is coincidence in eBay….more surprises are on the way.

  6. Thank goodness they chose someone with a bit of gravitas for this role.

    PS. Does anyone know who borrowed the curtains from the guest room?

  7. so is there a subliminal message with the Napolean stance? just gets goofier by the day doesn’t it?

  8. I just can’t help myself. Everytime I look at that loony tune I laugh myself silly. What a duffus. The skid row bums in Detoilet dress better than this idiot.

  9. Praise the Rock for popularizing that word. Anyway, he looks like the hipster stereotype we have in collecting these days. Just needs to be holding some toy/game next to his face and have his mouth agape.

  10. Why exactly do they have a New York office? Why promote a kid to such an important position? In my day, you had to have experience to get promoted. Once I got promoted a few times I saw why, you had to make mistakes and realize that mistakes cost money. Now its a freaking rush to promote kids not ready for prime time. AN adult would have ebay concentrate on fixing glitches not promoting some tool with an even worse publicity photo

  11. Devin and this guy should be in a movie: Dumb and Dumber the Very Last Sequel !!!!!

    eBay = Dead Man Walking

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