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eBay CEO Devin Wenig Joins GM Board

Devin Wenig

Devin WenigeBay CEO Devin Wenig was appointed to the board of General Motors. The company said he brings his “significant expertise in technology, global operations and strategic planning” to the board.

Wenig tweeted the news, saying his professional passion was the application of disruptive technology to drive positive change and help people, and he noted that the transportation sector was going through enormous changes.

In addition to serving on the eBay and GM boards, he is a co-chair of the Governors of the Consumer Industries for the World Economic Forum, a member of the Business Council, and a trustee of the Paley Media Center.

Press release follows:

General Motors Co. announced today the election of eBay President and CEO Devin Wenig to its Board of Directors.

“Devin brings significant expertise in technology, global operations and strategic planning to our board,” said GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra. “His experience in customer-facing roles and insights into digital marketplaces will enhance our current and future business priorities at a critical time in the company’s journey.”

Wenig, 51, was appointed president and chief executive officer of eBay in July 2015. He joined the company in 2011 to oversee eBay’s Marketplace business as its president. Before joining eBay Wenig spent more than 18 years at Thomson Reuters, and was chief executive officer of Thomson Reuters Markets for the last four.

Wenig earned a bachelor’s degree from Union College and a Juris Doctor from Columbia University Law School. He is a co-chair of the Governors of the Consumer Industries for the World Economic Forum, member of the Business Council and a trustee of the Paley Media Center.

The election of Wenig to the board’s slate of nominees will bring GM’s Board of Directors to 11 members, 10 of whom are non-employee directors. Wenig will stand for election at GM’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders on June 12, 2018.

General Motors Co. has leadership positions in the world’s largest and fastest-growing automotive markets. GM, its subsidiaries and joint venture entities sell vehicles under the Chevrolet, Cadillac, Baojun, Buick, GMC, Holden, Jiefang and Wuling brands. More information on the company and its subsidiaries, including OnStar, a global leader in vehicle safety, security and information services, can be found at http://www.gm.com

SOURCE: GM Press Release

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12 thoughts on “eBay CEO Devin Wenig Joins GM Board”

  1. “Wenig tweeted the news, saying his professional passion was the application of disruptive technology to drive positive change and help people, and he noted that the transportation sector was going through enormous changes.”

    “the application of DISRUPTIVE technology” is his passion. He finally speaks the truth. LOL

  2. Disruptive Technology – heaven knows he brings enough of that to Ebay. Watch out GM if he gets his ideas in place nothing at that place will work, especially the final product that we all depend on. You will become the next FORD (Found on Road Dead) (Fix or Repair Daily) among other comments about it. That is what Ebay is quickly becoming known for.

    Hey Devin, don’t you have enough issues at Ebay to try and actually fix to keep you busy?? Now you will spend even less time on our issues and also destroy another company by saying that China is their Future !!

  3. So this is a guy they seriously want on their board to help with their enormous changes? Are you serious?
    I’ve been an executive in my past life/lives……..no desire to be there again. It’s too full of blow hards like Wenig. I’m absolutely speechless. He likes to “help people”? What utter BS. Just 100% BS. Good luck GM. Get that molded press ready for the “This car made of 100% Chinese materials” that you’ll be embossing under the hood of every car you manufacture in 5 years.

  4. Thanks to deep technological insights from newest board member Devin Wenig, GM has announced an exclusive revolutionary artificial intelligence app.

    GM’s new smartphone app will allow prospective GM buyers to take a family portrait with an everyday mobile device, and through newly developed advanced predictive analytics in conjunction with GM’s neural-network harnessing the processing power of every GM driver’s mobile device, GM’s amazing new app technology will correctly determine the number of vehicle seats required to ensure every family member can ride in the vehicle in an unprecedented display AI integration into the lives of millions of consumers.*

    Although GM hasn’t yet announced a name for their revolutionary app, both Android and iOS apps are planned for release.

    (*Accuracy +/- 33.33% number of actual family members)

  5. In my own lifetime, I saw a gradual change where China went from being a hardcore socialist system (very nearly communist), then they start slowly turning towards a structured capitalist state. There has also been a very noticeable shift in US (France, UK, Greece, Italy) towards heavily socialist systems of governments. Some are very nearly done with the transition. The global economy is here to stay. Maybe soon there will be a global government as well. A global oligarchy seems to be taking shape and we could see such a monster in under 50 years.

    1. I can’t wait for the 2020 Escalade, the horn will sound like a gong and the interior will be made of bamboo and elephant grass fabrics.

  6. “… disruptive technology to drive positive change and help people….” I would like to know how Devin drove positive change to eBay, and how he helped anyone but himself.

  7. This is a joke right??? hahaha – I get it – no wait! does that mean he’s leaving? Hip hip hooray. Ebay’s fallen into such a deep dark hole now I can’t wait to see what happens over at GM. Glad I don’t own any stock there. Oh wait – I lost that stock the last time they filed for bankruptcy. Then what happened? They issued new stock. Funny how they didn’t give me back mine. Wenig is going to fit right in there with those losers.

    1. Disruptive Incompetence at an auto manufacturer?….. I can see it now: A new model year every 90 days and GMAC buys Pay Pal. I bet they overhaul the warranty structure too. GM deserves this putz, they deserve one another. Who else is going to the board with him? Chau En Lai? The race to the bottom continues……. to Detroit !!!!

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