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Etsy Runs Free Listing Promotion for Existing Shops


Etsy logoEtsy is running a free listing promotion for sellers who have a shop. It’s a repeat of a promotion Etsy ran in January 2017.

This type of promotion is to help marketplaces get fresh inventory onto their sites after the frenzy of holiday shopping – longtime readers may remember that eBay used to run a free listing promotion on Christmas Day. Inventory tends to be lower by the end of the year, and sellers may not be as motivated to list, but January tends to be a busy month for sales on online marketplaces.

Some sellers occasionally confuse the Etsy New Year promotion with a perpetual referral program Etsy runs that is only good for new shops, but many sellers have confirmed the free-20 works for their existing shops.

To take advantage, sellers must go to Etsy.com/promotion and enter the code: “MYSMALLBUSINESS”. It’s not clear where Etsy may have advertised the promo, it appears to be gathering steam through “word of mouth” on industry boards. It’s also unclear when the promotion will end, but it probably won’t last long.

Etsy typically charges 20 cents for listings that last 4 months, meaning the current New Year’s promotion saves a seller $4 in total.

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Ina Steiner
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8 thoughts on “Etsy Runs Free Listing Promotion for Existing Shops”

  1. The MYSMALLBUSINESS promo code didn’t work for me. I think this is actually last year’s promo and code and I used it then. Maybe if you didn’t use it last year, it will still let you use it this year.

    1. I believe you are correct here. I used the code on all 4 of my shops and it worked. However I have never used this promotion before. So being able to use it only once, whether you are a new or established shop, seems fair.

      I don’t know if there is a cut off date for using the free listings. There was a similar promotion in the UK with 50 free listings in September/October 2016. These free listings had a published cut off date by which they had to be used.

      Some sellers found that they did not have (or could not hand make) enough new stock items to use up the 50 free listings before they expired. Saavy sellers used a get around. They copied one active listing 50 times just before the published cut off date and then de-activated the resulting listings and used them as required by simply editing the de-activated listings.

      Of course they did not get the full 4 month validity period on the later ones but they were still able to get some use out of them before they expired.

  2. I saw this article this morning, so I tried it and it worked for 20 listings. Thanks!

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