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6 thoughts on “eBay Rolls Out New Search”

  1. Its no wonder the search results this morning were all messed up. I was looking for rubber plugs for a hose and guess what I got….Rubbers and not the shoes.

    Ebay is so screwed up even they don’t know what is going on. The titanic just took on more water this morning. It won’t be long. BLURP BLURP

  2. Except Ebay does not realize that one blanket search feature doesnt apply to everything and its messing things up. A big chunk of ebay is used collectables.

    I just tried this garbage feature and it lumped things together that werent the same. It hides the listing until you click see details. It pretends it finds multiple buying options. Its just random listings grouped together and not what you are looking for.

    This is the worst feature Ive seen them add yet. It was way worse than just filtering the listings lowest price first and scrolling. People will search for what they want. When they see too many results theyll use the side tabs to narrow it or add more to the search line.

    Ebay has yet to realize sellers/buyers do not want their help to sell their listings. They dont want to be shown what ebay thinks they want. Search should just be matching words only. QUIT CHANGING EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME. It makes the site unstable and sellers have to constantly change everything they do and its very very time consuming. Ebay needs to work on its site maintenance before this disaster.

  3. I consider myself as being “able” to circumnavigate ebay’s ridiculous search features but this one has my baffled. I gave up searching yesterday as the entire system is now so ridiculous it’s not worth wasting your time on. I’ll just concentrate on listing new product and hope that someone might just be able to find me and buy something.

    Here’s the stupid thing ebay always misses – sellers are buyers. Remember when you’d just pile up that money in your paypal account so you could spend it on ebay? Ha! now I suck my money out daily if there is any and just keep it in my pocket. One ridiculously stupid CEO after another and they just get worse.

  4. This sounds like the eBay version of the Buy Box that they previewed at the Open event.

    They say that they don’t want to be compared to Amazon and that they are different, but they are the ones that are driving the comparisons by “innovations” such as this.

    Now they want buyers to buy off the summary page (ie. on price) rather than read the sellers’ listings. So the race to the bottom has turned the final corner into the home straight.

    Would the last person to leave please switch off the lights. Thanks.

  5. It just doesn’t work.
    I search a simple term and get conflicting items.
    It’s a mess,
    It’s killed sales, I can’t understand it or use it to find items so I have no idea how a buyer would navigate it.
    It doesn’t make sense.

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