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2 thoughts on “eBay Promotion Entices Sellers to Guarantee Delivery Date”

  1. From eBay:

    “Sellers who participate in Guaranteed Delivery will need to maintain high standards of handling, tracking, and delivery performance, similar to eBay Top Rated Seller shipping standards. If their Guaranteed Delivery transaction standards fall below threshold, sellers may no longer be able to offer Guaranteed Delivery. All guaranteed transactions will also be counted in eBay Top Rated Seller calculations.”

    So there IS a punishment when you, as a seller, do not have all your packages arrive on time. Which you have no control over, since of course, you are at the mercy of the post office, weather delays, etc…..

    Another aspect of this program is that a seller must “pick and choose” which items are to be included. Who has time to go through hundreds or thousands of listings to enable them for guaranteed delivery???

    If eBay really wants this to be a success, they should allow a seller to place ALL of their items into this program with one click, not spending many valuable hours sifting through each item.

    And the idea of having a package returned just because it was a day or two late is absurd. This also increases the chance of having your merchandise damaged in transit.

    MEMO TO eBay: Until you have your own warehouses and ship and sell your own merchandise, please stop pretending to be Amazon!

    Conversely, if they did fulfill orders themselves, one would think that eBay would not assume this type of risk. It is much simpler to place it onto their 3P sellers, and let them pick up the pieces when a transaction goes wrong.

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