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Ina Steiner is co-founder and Editor of EcommerceBytes and has been reporting on ecommerce since 1999. Send news tips to ina@ecommercebytes.com.

3 thoughts on “eBay Grows Q2 2017 GMV 5 Percent”

  1. A 3 billion stock repurchase will do nothing to impress investors. Neither will the meager gains in business. Especially when eBay’s main competitor has GMV percentage increases at many times the rate of theirs.

    While ecommerce is exploding, and malls and big chain stores are closing, eBay cannot take advantage of this, because of misguided management with virtually no online selling experience. Also, they do not manufacture or warehouse ANYTHING and are too reliant on third parties to do the work for them.

    These same folks (mistreated sellers) who, in the past, used their profits to purchase items on the site, have left and taken their merchandise and money with them. This has destroyed a natural, self-perpetuating ecosystem.

    Donahoe’s idea to have Chinese sellers move dollar trinkets (also shipped for next to nothing with the e-packet program) has failed. And buyers complain about the lack of the interesting merchandise which formerly made eBay the go-to site for the collectible and unusual.

    This has parallels with the 2008 Great Recession & housing crisis. Too many bad home loans were issued, and a great deal went into default at one time. Everything looked fine on paper until, all of a sudden, mass foreclosures sent our economy into a tailspin. 2017, for eBay, is their 2008. You can only put lipstick on a pig for so long until it wears off. The numbers do not lie, and investors cannot be fooled forever.

  2. I could care less about this press release or the ebay bashing it will bring. Go to any Amazon site and they do just as much bashing about Amazon. ebay is one platform that I use to reach buyers, its the best for me at the moment, but I am working on other platforms. I am concerned about my performance and my sales and income. If my sales growth is better than the average ebay seller than good for me. If its less then I need to work harder. Yes ebay is a pain to deal with but so is everything else.

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