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eBay to Close Half.com, Its Book and Media Marketplace


eBay-Closes_Half-dot_comeBay informed sellers on Friday it will shut down Half.com, its marketplace for books and media listings. HDC, as it is sometimes referred to, is set to close on August 31, 2017, after which it will redirect to eBay.com. “We believe we can provide a greater selling opportunity for our selling community, and a better shopping experience for our buyers, by focusing on the core eBay.com platform,” the company stated.

Here’s the letter eBay sent to Half.com sellers:

Dear Seller,

This letter is to inform you that Half.com will be closing on August 31, 2017, and you will not be able to sell on the platform following that date. Returns will continue to be processed until October 31, 2017.

We would like to thank you for your support of Half.com – some of you have been with us since we launched in 1999. We have enjoyed being part of your selling journey and wish you ongoing success. For all of your future marketplace needs, visit the eBay Seller Center to learn how to grow your business on eBay.

If you have any questions about this letter, please reach out to us at service@half.com or visit Half.com Closing FAQ for more details.

The Half.com Team

SOURCE: eBay letter to sellers

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4 thoughts on “eBay to Close Half.com, Its Book and Media Marketplace”

  1. The writing has been on the wall for awhile. When they raised fees to 25% last year it was clear they were trying to scare the remaining users away from the site. No remaining users = no complaints when it gets shut down, I guess.

  2. I’ve had sold on Half.com since 2011. Until around 2013 I sold about $25-50 a month on the site, which accounted for only a small fraction of my sales elsewhere. Sales went down after 2013, and I have sold less than $100 there over the last two years.

    E-Bay initially acquired Half.com with the intention of shutting it down. Apparently they put off shutting it down until keeping it open, even without any maintenance, became unprofitable. Probably the most surprising aspect of this story is how long it took for eBay to finally pull the plug.

    So, RIP Half.com. It’s demise will make no difference to sellers. It has not been a viable selling option since eBay acquired it.

    I believe this same process is underway to a degree at Amazon and ABEbooks.com. I used to do most of my book buying at ABE, but it is a shadow of its past self now under Amazon ownership. If the crazy rumors of eBay buying Etsy every comes true (which I doubt) we’ll see this same scenario play out.

  3. To Review:

    Amazon today purchased Whole Foods.

    Ebay shuttered half.com.

    Amazon stock is up $23+ a share.

    Ebay stock is down.

    Just another day at the office.

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