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Watch Your Bills: Etsy Now Renews Listings Automatically


EtsyEtsy is making automatic renewal the default for new listings – sellers who prefer to renew their listings manually must now switch to manual renewal as they create each new listing. Etsy charges a listing fee each time an item is renewed, so keep an eye on your invoices.

The announcement follows:

As you create new listings, you can choose how you’d like them to renew: manually, or automatically. Starting (June 14th), all new listings will default to automatic renewal. We began introducing this change two weeks ago, and it is now in effect for all sellers. Using automatic renewal can save you time and ensure your items’ visibility is undisrupted.

Please note that we are not making any changes to your existing listings. No action is required on your part to check on your current listings. You can change your renewal preferences at any time. If you prefer to renew your listings manually, you can switch to manual renewal as you create new listings. You can also edit your listings’ renewal options under More actions > Manage renewal options.

SOURCE: Etsy Announcement


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2 thoughts on “Watch Your Bills: Etsy Now Renews Listings Automatically”

  1. I thought for sure readers would comment on this story – hope there are no unpleasant surprises ahead with the new default setting from Etsy.

  2. I agree, I thought their would be allot of feedback on this one. I think people are so consumed with everything else Etsy is doing, their not even noticing when they list a new item, it clearly says it when your putting in a new listing, the box for checked off for auto renewal. After all the sneaky stunts Etsy has pulled over the past year, I keep a close eye on every little thing and saw this when I listed a new item weeks ago. I would think Etsy would have put out an email on this and on everything else their changing, instead they post it in the forums “Announcements” page, like everyone goes there daily, NOT! They need to start notifying all of us thru emails when changes are put in place!!

    If you have a “copied” version of a listing you are using, it goes by what you originally put in, so it might say manual or auto., if its auto, I suggest changing it, otherwise you will be charged when the listing expires.

    I also think their are many people not even listing anymore items until things gets fixed, to them it is a waste of money and time, because we feel were not getting seen as it is, with al the changes in search, and other things we don’t know about that are going on.

    This is my full time job and I have had to live off my savings account for the past 8 months because of all the changes with NO Views and NO Sales. I sure hope Etsy gets it together soon, if they care at all about the future of this company, that us hard working sellers made.

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