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Services for Small Businesses Get Global-Payments Tool

Payoneer, an innovative cross-border payments company transforming the way businesses pay and get paid globally, announced it is releasing its Integrated Payments API, making it easier than ever for SaaS providers such as invoicing platforms, accounting platforms and freelance management systems to power payments on their platforms.

With this end-to-end solution, platforms enable their users – SMBs and professionals – to easily bill their customers and receive cross-border payments from their clients, directly through their platform.

The influx of SaaS platforms are changing the global market. SMBs can now compete for business against the larger, incumbent enterprises by utilizing cloud technology companies – like Time Doctor and Green Invoice – who allow them to operate more efficiently and on an entirely new scale. A vital component of this success is the ability for a company to cost-effectively and easily collect payments from their international clients and to pay their overseas suppliers, contractors and team members, no matter where they are in the world.

Through the Integrated Payments API business platforms and other SaaS providers around the world can leverage Payoneer’s strong payment solutions, comprehensive global banking network and industry leading risk management technology, to offer their customers a simple and cost-effective way to send and receive cross-border payments.

Supporting payments in over 200 countries and territories and over 150 currencies, Payoneer’s API enables customers to easily send and receive payments from international clients all around the world, directly through their applications, be it an invoicing app like Green Invoice, a freelance payroll app such as Time Doctor, or any other online platform.

“Payoneer is the most convenient method for powering payments on our platforms, and it’s especially useful for paying remote employees in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, India and Pakistan,” explains Rob Rawson, Chief of Staff at Time Doctor. “Their API integration is perfect for platforms like ours. A company can use Time Doctor to track employee hours and verify that the work was done with screenshots and our tracking tools, and then they can use Payoneer’s simple integration to easily pay their contractors.”

“Modern day businesses are thirsty for international growth and the increase in business platforms are helping them speed up that process,” Eyal Moldovan, VP Business Development at Payoneer explains. “There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to streamlining business processes so the Integrated Payments API aims to support businesses no matter where and how they are currently working. Our seamless API integration will enrich the offering of business platforms with a value-added service, while also solving one of their customer’s greatest challenges – getting paid in a global economy.”

Source: Payoneer Press Release

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