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eBay Tool for Coping with Canadian Currency Decree

eBay is removing the US Dollar from its Canadian marketplace, which had been the company’s only dual-currency marketplace, and a new tool is now available for sellers who need to change their listings.

As we previously reported, all listings on eBay Canada must be listed in Canadian dollars:

“As of June 1, 2016 sellers will need to use CAD when listing or relisting on All remaining USD listings on (including Good ‘Til Cancelled) will need to be converted to CAD by August 2016. Sellers who wish to continue to list in USD will need to move their listings to There is no impact to Canadian sellers listing on”

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On Friday, eBay Canada announced the availability of the migration tool on its website(

eBay explained, “Sellers with US dollar listings on can use the Tool to convert their listings to Canadian dollars for listing on, or to move their listings to” eBay also advised sellers to subscribe to its Selling Manager tool.

Sellers are experiencing issues with the new tool, described on threads such as this one on the eBay Canada discussion boards, where a seller said in addition to being slow and not finding all their listings, “My biggest complaint is after activating drafts on .com having to go back to .ca and find duplicate listings to end. I can’t believe there’s not some way of doing this in bulk. I really don’t think this tool is ready to go live.”

Another seller on this thread wrote:

“This migration tool is a piece of crap. And it’s full of bugs. For starters, it sometimes decides to make duplicate listings so you have 2 of the same item. It sometimes decides to make duplicates of all your photos and then gives you an error message that you have too many photos and won’t let you relist that item until you go in and delete all the extra photos that the migration tool created. It also gives an “internal application error” on some listings (even though they have many listed on ebay many times previous). And for good measure, it throws in some of your “sold” items in with your items that need to be relisted, so that you run the risk of relisting an item that you have already sold 3 or 4 weeks ago (because it is in among your ended items that need to be relisted). And I forgot to mention that I have been doing this for about 5 hours and still going.”

An eBay moderator responded to reports of problems, writing:

“Thanks everyone for the reports. I’m working with the developer to iron out the remaining kinks.

“A word on including sold items in the pull, we had considered this to be necessary to allow those who employ the method of relisting or using Sell Similar from their sold listings when they have more of the same items to sell (something that many people do). However I can see how it’s confusing, and even dangerous as some have pointed out, to have all these items put in the same list. Sorry about this oversight, I’ll see how soon we can implement a sold/unsold cut to the view options to help with that.

“If the tool hangs for you when you “save and close”, know that the drafts are being created on the server and not the browser, so you technically don’t have to wait there with your browser window open. The drafts will get created on the backend and show up in Selling Manager once the process is completed.

“However, if the tool hangs anywhere else before the point where you “save and close” to tell it to process listings, I want to know about it. Please drop me a line at with as much details as possible, what were you doing when the tool got stuck, how many listings was it handling, your browser and version, your user ID, etc.

“Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we fix issues and improve this tool for you.”

You can find the announcement on the eBay Canada announcement board.

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