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eBay Sellers Face Canadian Conundrum

After telling its sellers for years that listing in US dollars would increase their chances of selling their items by 15%, eBay Canada is now eliminating that option. eBay’s only dual-currency marketplace will implement a Canadian-dollar (CAD)-only policy as of June 1, 2016.

Sellers got the news this week when eBay explained, “As of June 1, 2016 sellers will need to use CAD when listing or relisting on All remaining USD listings on (including Good ‘Til Cancelled) will need to be converted to CAD by August 2016. Sellers who wish to continue to list in USD will need to move their listings to There is no impact to Canadian sellers listing on”

eBay provided some sugar along with its medicine, providing several listing promotions exclusive to listings on eBay Canada. Previously Canadian sellers had been included in promotions.

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We asked the company if Canadian sellers would be able to continue listing on in USD and if that would change in the future. eBay Canada spokesperson Camille Kowalewski said, “Yes, Canadian sellers will be able to continue listing on .com in USD. There will be no change.”

A seller on the eBay Canada discussion boards said she felt in limbo, having listed in US dollars on eBay Canada for years, and wondered what to do.

Another seller posting on the boards said some sellers would be sure to be disappointed by the Canadian currency requirement. “I’d definitely prefer to list in USD,” they wrote, “but it is not the end of the world for me if I can’t, whereas the duration and quantity of listings in this promo is a lifesaver after the drought of the past two months.”

A reader from Canada told EcommerceBytes he sells on because he found items listed on .ca do not get as much exposure as those listed on .com. The policy shouldn’t affect him since he doesn’t list on eBay Canada, but he was perturbed at the thought that he might receive no listing promotions for his listings in the future.

eBay’s Kowalewski told us, “Items get the same exposure whether on .ca or .com, as long as shipping is specified for the country where they want to sell. This means that a .ca listing with shipping specified to the U.S. will get the same exposure as a listing on .com that has the same shipping specified.”

Our reader was tempted to import listings from to eBay Canada to take advantage of the free listing promotions being offered on .ca, but said he could find no tool that would allow him to easily port his listings over.

Kowalewski said eBay Canada created a tool specifically to port listings from .ca to .com that will be ready in May. eBay sellers will have access to the tool by going to this page on, she said.

“The first version of the tool is ready now and can be used by sellers to look up listings that will be impacted by this change. The second version of the tool will be ready in May, and is a migration tool to assist either convert your US dollar (USD) listings to Canadian dollars (CAD) and keep them on, or move your listings to and keep them in USD.”

So will sellers who registered on eBay Canada be offered any selling promotions that apply to, as they had been in the past? “We regularly evaluate our promotion strategy, but don’t have anything to announce at this time,” she said.

And when asked if residents of Canada could sign up for an account on so they can receive promotions good on and list in USD, she said, “Sellers are registered on the eBay platform based on their country of residence.”

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