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DemoUp Details Keys to Video Marketing Success

Video continues to gain importance as a resource for online marketers. Better internet connections, especially for smartphones, made video a more viable outlet for enhancing a business. According to product video platform DemoUp, better conversions and happier customers represent good reasons for embedding videos on a site.

What items match well with product videos?
Some categories in particular have been conversion standouts. DemoUp has found sellers dealing in children’s toys, consumer electronics, do-it-yourself tools, and bicycles benefit well from incorporating product videos. In general a seller who has products that benefit from explanation and visualization should consider such video marketing.

DemoUp provided these figures for those four good categories that opted to add product videos:

  1. Bikes. The conversion rate increased by 134.7%
  2. Kids toys. The increase in conversion rate here was 108.6%
  3. DIY and tools. Increase of 95.6% in conversion
  4. Consumer electronics. The increase in conversion rate for consumer electronics stores was 72.4%

What’s a good runtime for product videos?
In DemoUp’s data for their videos with the most views, site visitors watch 91 percent of 30-second videos compared to 83 percent of 60-second ones. Overall DemoUp found the average attention span for product videos is 85.4 percent, with anything between 30 seconds to two minutes being how long people will pay the most attention to them.

“We generally find that the conversion rate increase is higher for less known brands, because a product video is really helpful at demonstrating a product to customers when they don’t know a lot about it – it’s kind of like face to face sales but online,” DemoUp told EcommerceBytes. “The videos are all about increasing customer trust in the brand and the product.”

But conversion rates don’t correspond nicely with video lengths. DemoUp found conversion rates the highest for 120-second videos and low for 60-second ones. The range varies greatly enough that video marketers must take care to track performance like conversions, view rates, and attention span to get the most out of their efforts.

What should I do when I get started with product videos?
For starters, avoid some common beginner mistakes. Videos need to be of very good quality, and shouldn’t be composed of just slideshows. Visitors will want relevant content, not more ads. DemoUp offered several characteristics of good videos to help sellers produce useful content.

Such videos should provide comprehensive views of a product. Also, by explaining how a product works and showing its features in action, one should gain “substantial influence” on a purchasing decision.

Ecommerce pros should include details, not just product specifications where applicable, but basic need-to-know points like the item’s name or product number. DemoUp noted videos being seen outside of one’s website that lack this pertinent detail could risk frustrating a viewer if they can’t figure out how to find it.

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