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Three New Ways to Spur Holiday Sales with Google AdWords

Tweaks and adjustments happen regularly with Google’s bread-and-butter AdWords service, with an eye on helping its customers benefit from advertising with this dominant online service. The days leading to the traditional start of the holiday shopping season find the company boosting AdWords on several fronts.

Measure Performance to Optimize Campaigns
Advertisers looking to optimize shopping campaigns have some new features to try. Product groups have tabs at AdWords’ campaign and account levels for easier group comparison.

Also, the ability to filter product groups should help reveal the most meaningful potential areas for adjustment. Optimizing groups demonstrating best performance for a metric can help turn more shoppers into buyers. Google also touted the availability of more insights from data to assist in making the best decisions on bids.

Add Video Advertising
As owners of YouTube it comes as little surprise Google would advocate for videos to push sales for the holidays. Ecommerce sellers with video components to their marketing will be able to try a new approach to this ad method.

The latest from Google takes the advertisers through setting up a new campaign, first by selecting a criteria like shopping to utilize ads and compel potential sales. Google made two video ad formats available to AdWords marketers – TrueView for Shopping, which allows the connection of individual products to videos, and YouTube’s shopping ads, which are the familiar in-video “shopping cards” showing sponsored products.

Monitor Click Share Metric
Google also recently introduced a new metric called “click share” for Google Shopping ads. Google said click share “shows the percentage of total possible clicks received by your Shopping ads.”

It appears to be an easy to understand metric for online sellers. In Google’s example, a seller’s winter coats ads only picked up 30 out of every 100 possible clicks. Ideally, for Google and the seller, an increased bid for such keywords could help move that click share higher, with hopefully a corresponding rise in conversions for the advertiser.

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