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Is eBay Canada Phasing Out the US Dollar?

eBay Canada may be on its way to phasing out the US dollar. The site allows sellers to list items in either Canadian or US dollars, but this year it has been making changes to encourage sellers to list in their domestic currency.

In April, eBay Canada removed a longstanding message advising sellers to list in US dollars – the message had displayed: “15% more likely to sell in US$.”

Three months later, eBay Canada changed the default currency in the listing flow from US dollars to Canadian dollars. However, the marketplace didn’t warn sellers – those who didn’t notice the change failed to take action to protect pricing by either changing back to US dollars or adjusting prices to take into account the currency conversion. “Somebody at eBay had brilliant idea and forgot to tell us,” one seller wrote at the time.

On August 27, eBay Canada issued a warning to sellers strongly urging them to list in Canadian dollars rather than in US dollars.

In July, an eBay Canada moderator explained that eBay Canada had often considered making it mandatory for sellers to list in Canadian dollars because it offered some advantages, including making it simpler for sellers and saying it protected sellers of longer-tail Good Til Cancelled inventory from currency fluctuations.

“Finally,” the moderator continued, “as eBay’s only dual-currency listing platform, our French and English sites present architectural challenges that sometimes slows or event prevents the delivery of new functionality that has tested well on other sites. Removing USD support would simplify things for eBay as well as the companies in our ecosystem moving forward.”

It’s uncertain if eBay will continue its push and actually eliminate the US dollar on eBay Canada.

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Ina Steiner
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