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ShipRush Adds Features, Readies Web-Based Version for Launch

The useful ShipRush platform for online sellers recently released their v11 version with several new features, including support for FedEx One Rate, a simple flat rate shipping program offered by that carrier. Even better for ShipRush customers, the company plans to make a web-based version of the product available soon.

A ShipRush representative told EcommerceBytes they are very close to the official launch of ShipRush Web Shipping, which they anticipate going live in about a month. Currently in beta, ShipRush Web Shipping will be accessible from Macs and tablets, where ShipRush has only been available for PC platforms.

The web-based approach allows customers to access the service from anywhere and leaves the job of keeping the software update-to-date to the ShipRush team. This version will also provide expanded customization options for ecommerce store connections, according to ShipRush.

For ecommerce pros working with ShipRush v11, several new features look like nice quality-of-life improvements. Along with support for customers using FedEx One Rate, v11 adds support for an “auto upgrade” of shipping service.

This lets the seller set their desired number of days in transit for a shipment. With Ground service as a default, ShipRush will auto upgrade the shipping level if the default transit time exceeds those desired transit days.

As 2015 brought dimensional weight shipping to sellers everywhere, ShipRush noted how important it is to input actual box dimensions when creating a shipping label. Not doing so could lead to higher shipping charges. “It’s important to cut back on as much empty space as is reasonable when picking your packaging, so you’re getting the best rate possible,” ShipRush said.

The ShipRush feature set provides some good centralized benefits for its users. It allows for processing shipments in bulk rather than one at a time, and provides help with creating packing lists and export documentation for international shipments. Thanks to ShipRush’s ability to connect with ecommerce stores, the label creation process also goes back to the seller’s store to mark an order as shipped, automatically.


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