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Amazon Sellers Impacted by Warehouse Closures

Online sellers who send inventory to Amazon warehouses as part of the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) program are being impacted by the closure of two fulfillment centers in the U.S.

Amazon sent FBA merchants a notice on Wednesday with the subject line, “Action needed: TUL1 and RNO1 Closure Notification.” In the email, Amazon explained it was transferring all inventory stored at the two fulfillment centers to other facilities.

In August, Amazon revealed it would close its 750,000-square-foot warehouse in Fernley, Nevada, to be replaced by a new warehouse complex in Reno. And in October, Amazon revealed it would be closing its 915,000-square-foot center near Coffeyville, Kansas. Both facilities are older generation warehouses – Amazon is now on its eighth-generation fulfillment center complete with robotics and visual recognition systems to aid in unloading and moving large sections of inventory.

Amazon estimated the transfer of sellers’ inventory to new facilities would take up to 72 hours, but some sellers expressed skepticism that Amazon could meet that estimate and worried about the impact of delays on orders.

The December 31st email Amazon sent to FBA merchants impacted by the warehouse closures follows:

Hello from Amazon,
We’re writing to let you know about the impending closure of two of our U.S. fulfillment centers, TUL1 and RNO1, because you have inventory at either one or both of these fulfillment centers.

Amazon continually reassesses its fulfillment center network and is moving your inventory to more efficient facilities to support faster delivery and an improved customer experience. Amazon will transfer all inventory stored in TUL1 and RNO1 to other fulfillment centers over the next six weeks.

Inventory in TUL1 and RNO1 will remain available for fulfillment from those locations until the transfer is initiated. The transfer of any individual unit will take up to 72 hours. During this time, we will change the status of your inventory from “Sellable” to “Reserved.” Products that are in transit from one fulfillment center to another are still available for sale, but will not be Prime-eligible until they have reached the new fulfillment center. All transfers of inventory from TUL1 and RNO1 will be completed by February 12, 2015.

Products with an “Unsellable” status will also be transferred, but their status will remain “Unsellable” during the transfer.

You can create removal orders for inventory held at TUL1 and RNO1 through January 6, 2015. After that date, inventory at TUL1 and RNO1 will not be eligible for removal until it is received at the new fulfillment center.

You can view what inventory you have at TUL1 and RNO1 by referring to the FC column of your Daily Inventory History report (sign-in required).

The Fulfillment by Amazon Team

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