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Google AdWords Lets Merchants Call Out Certain Selling Points

The competitive edge offered by a well-run AdWords campaign should receive a boost with the most recent update provided by Google. This latest update provides not only an additional way to make ads stand out, but to contribute to one’s Ad Rank with Google too.

This latest change noted by Inside AdWords began the rollout of Callout Extensions for ads. These provide additional text information that can help in showing key points of interest about an advertiser’s offerings.

These can be details like free shipping, promotional discounts, or specific product details. Google said callouts will be fully available to all advertisers in the next few weeks. For advertisers that have them available currently, callouts can be managed through the AdWords ad extensions tab.

Google also noted callouts will be limited to 25 characters each, with up to four showing with one’s ad. “You can provide more general information about your products and services at the account or campaign level, and more detailed information at the ad group level,” Google said.

Merchants should also understand that callout extension will be a factor in one’s Ad Rank. At one time Ad Rank’s calculation derived from an advertiser’s Quality Score and maximum cost-per-click bid.

Later, Google updated the Ad Rank calculation to account for ad extensions and formats. As ad extensions, callouts now represent an extra factor in that determination. Callouts will only work with the campaign types “Search Network only” or “Search Network with Display Select.”

Advertisers will need to create a minimum of two callouts per account, campaign, or ad group. Google recommends creating the maximum of four per level to increase their potential visibility.

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