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Sellers Who Need a Break Test Etsy’s Vacation Mode Enhancements

Etsy is testing some enhancements to its “vacation mode” setting that sellers use when they need to put their listings and shop on hold. Previously Etsy sellers who used vacation mode were unable to edit their listings, for example, and it’s now testing that capability in a prototype.

Prototype is Etsy’s word for tests that users can join to try out for themselves before the features roll out sitewide, and they can provide their feedback to Etsy.

Another feature Etsy will be testing is the ability for sellers to display their listings even when in vacation mode. In responding to one seller’s suggestion in the prototype, Etsy said, “We know that the ability to view a shop’s listings while they’re on vacation is a huge plus and it is something we’re working on. We hope to have this feature included in this prototype team in the near future.”

Etsy allows buyers to sign up to be notified when sellers turn off vacation mode and make their listings and shop active again. In the prototype, the email buyers receive includes some of the sellers’ items “to make shopping easier than ever.”

Sellers in the prototype are also able to add draft listings while on Vacation Mode. (“You’ll do this the same way you normally do, by creating a listing and saving as draft.”)

One seller suggested Etsy give sellers the option of letting them continue to sell digital items uninterrupted while on vacation mode, so only physical items would be taken out of circulation.

A lot of sellers commented on the “vacation” moniker. Now when sellers use vacation mode, the site displays, “(Shop name) is on vacation.” One seller said she’d like to be able to indicate the reason for her shop’s temporary hold, such as “getting caught up” or “temporarily closed.” “Maybe this is far-fetched, but A LOT of people have my home address so the whole idea of letting shoppers know when I’m on an actual vacation and maybe not at home is a bit scary,” she wrote.

Another seller agreed that the word vacation might give a misleading impression: “So quite often the seller is NOT jetting abroad at all on a fabulous holiday but rather dealing with other types of things. The terminology and message to potential customers should be changed to reflect this.”

Other choices proposed by a seller: “Intermission,” “Breathing Space,” “Furlough,” “Shop Improvement Break,” or, she said, “maybe a customize-able shop break title like “Visiting Mom” or “Saving my Sanity Break.””

One seller said she would soon have a special reason for using vacation mode – “Super excited about this team! I am going on maternity leave pretty soon and will be turning the store on vacation mode but would love to take that time to really edit and go through my listings!!”

Read more about Etsy’s vacation mode prototype on the Etsy board.

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