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Etsy Sellers Can Now Measure Mobile Traffic

Ever wonder how many people view your product listings from their iPhone, iPad and Android devices using Etsy’s mobile apps? Etsy is now sharing information about mobile visitors with its sellers. But the reports only show those who view items via the Etsy mobile app and not through the Etsy mobile website. Shoppers who visit m.etsy.com through the device’s browser are instead included in the etsy.com traffic source.

Shop owners can view traffic coming from Etsy Apps when they view their “Shop Stats” analytics dashboard. The Shop Stats feature shows the volume and sources of traffic to sellers’ listings (and shops) and also includes data and graphs for favorites, orders and revenue. It hadn’t previously reported mobile-app views.

The analytics don’t include visits by the shop owner themselves, as long as they are signed in to Etsy when viewing their shops, and that’s true for Etsy App views as well – “viewing your own shop on the app won’t be counted if you are signed into your shop,” Etsy explained. The new mobile-app stats go back as far as January 2014.

Upon learning of the new traffic feature, one seller asked Etsy to update how feedback displays on its mobile app. “The way it is now if a less than stellar feedback is left but then upgraded by a customer it is reflected on laptops, desktops, etc. but remains uncorrected on the mobile app.”

Interestingly, another seller noted that she had raised the issue of missing mobile traffic back in February, but said her thread was ignored. She had asked if Etsy had updated the statistics/dashboard to account for mobile traffic and had written, “If statics do not currently account for the 40% of views that are utilizing mobile devices, then it seems our views are truly (about) 67% higher than we realize. Perhaps this is why so many are discouraged when comparing “today’s views” versus “one year ago”, etc.”

While many sellers expressed delight that they were receiving more traffic than they had realized, some pointed out that it meant their sales-to-view ratios were lower than they had thought. In other words, they may have believed it took 50 views to get 1 sale, but upon discovering additional views, they find it takes more views to get 1 sale. “I do not like that what I thought to be my normal sales to view ratio just changed (and not for the good),” wrote one seller.

(We’ve got an inquiry to Etsy to verify that the mobile-app views are additive to the Shop Stats and were not already included in Shop Stats under etsy.com traffic. See below.)

Sellers can learn more about Shop Stats on the Etsy help pages.

Update 5/15/14: An Etsy spokesperson responded to our inquiry: “We weren’t showing the Etsy App traffic to sellers at all in Shop Stats until yesterday. We’ve tracked it back to January 2014 of this year. That means sellers will see accurate stats, that include desktop, mobile web, and Etsy app traffic, from January 2014 forward.”


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