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Ecommerce Training Firm Runs Afoul of Idaho Authorities

The lure of easy money with minimal work has ensnared a business and several dozen consumers, with the Idaho Attorney Generalbecoming involved after multiple complaints. The department’s investigation into a Boise firm called eCommerce Support LLC led to a settlement that will prohibit the firm from doing business in the state.

The firm could also be on the hook for an additional $50,000 civil penalty, depending on their compliance with a legal settlement with the state’s Attorney General. That settlement calls for restitution of $90,000 to consumers and $10,000 to the department of the Attorney General to reimburse the investigation.

According to Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, his department received reports accusing the company of making false claims that consumers:

  • were investing in a business,
  • would earn a specific sum of money within a short amount of time,
  • only had to work 10 hours per week to make money,
  • could deduct the cost of the program from their taxes, and, among other things,
  • would receive a professional, functioning website.

“My office has seen an increase in complaints against ecommerce training companies located in Idaho,” Wasden said in his statement about the case. “I encourage Idahoans considering starting an online business to learn all they can about any training company before they invest in ecommerce training.”

According to Wasden, not only Idahoans were victims. He noted consumers throughout the U.S. paid eCommerce Support for their services but, he said, didn’t receive adequate time or instruction, nor were some people informed of their right to cancel their services with the company.

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