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Tictail Helps 443 Year Old UK Bellmaker Chime to Ecommerce

While many companies are racing as fast as possible to go from a stack of business plan documents to a full-fledged ecommerce presence, some firms are content to take their time to get there. In the case of Whitechapel Bell Foundry, the trip took over four centuries.

The business happens to be the UK’s oldest manufacturer, and as noted by The Guardian, also cast the Liberty Bell in 1752. Though the online store doesn’t offer such sizeable items like the Liberty Bell or those within venerable London icon Big Ben (one would have to contact the firm directly about such bells), they do sell table bells and door bells via the new site.

Their platform of choice is Tictail, a relative newcomer to the world of ecommerce shop hosting. Founded in 2012 in Sweden, Tictail now stands as the platform choice of 24,000 stores.

Tictail’s aim seems to be one of simplicity. The company refers to itself as the “Tumblr of ecommerce” and they present a low barrier to entry for online sellers. Their basic service is free; instead, the business model presents various “apps” for sale that enhance the online store.

Such app choices include one for Custom Domains, a seemingly necessary choice for anyone interested in branding their site with a dedicated domain name. Another app, Discounts, would let a seller market a promo code to use on the site to receive a discount upon checkout, or to apply a discount based on the order amount.

Sellers using Tictail can only accept payments via PayPal or Klarna, more information is available by searching help.

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