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Where to Hide Your Jewelry?

Where to Hide Your Jewelry?
Remember, if it can’t be found, it can’t be stolen!
(August 7, 2017)
 Authored by: Portable Wealth

* Caution: Storing High Value items is a Skill  & there are many options.
Do your own research & choose a combination of methods that feel right for you, your family & that fit your personal lifestyle.

** May you be Blessed &  Protected ALL of YOUR days. The Portable Wealth Team.

Ten places to STORE or HIDE jewelry that will help  REDUCE  RISK of theft: 

1. A major bank safety deposit box. (Be aware of Banking Rules & Govt. Rules)

2. A High Security Safe UL-TRTL 30×6 rated.

3. A Hidden Room or False Wall in your Home or Office.

4. A well installed & Hidden Floor Safe UL rated. (High Quality)

5. An Electrical Outlet/Phone Jack (Fake)  (Be careful of repair workers discovering it.)

6. Stored in an offsite UL Rated Safe in a UL rated alarmed building.

7. Underground Alarmed Safe somewhere on your premises or a trusted ally.

8.  In Furniture, with secret compartments built in. (Be careful of in-house workers)

9. Air Vent secret compartment (Be careful of repair workers discovering it.)

10. A Secured & Trusted depository.

Ten places to Hide or Store jewelry that may INCREASE RISK of theft: 

1.  Master Bathroom: In a fancy jewelry box in or on the vanity. The thief will appreciate that you organized all of your jewels for him/her to steal!

2. Master Closet: Thieves are not fooled by anyone hiding  jewelry in jackets & shoes. An experienced thief will know where to look.  Doing so would just provide  “X Marks the Spot” easy access!

3. Clothing pockets in a closet:  (You may end up taking it to a dry cleaner by mistake.)  “They will never find my rings, I stuffed them in tissues & hid them in my clothes”…. (BOY was I wrong!)

4. Store bought hiding cans: This may fool the thief but, the housekeeper or friendly mother-in-law may throw it out along with your $100k diamond ring!

5.  Pharmaceutical Containers: in the bathroom vanity. Easily found by a thief with a headache or thrown out by a housekeeper!

6.  Small portable fire safe (Example: the kind Staples sells): Thieves could get tipped off by a housekeeper or a repairman & come and take the whole safe  out of your home.  Your jewels were kept safe in the safe, but now your whole safe is gone with your treasures!

7. Wall safe behind a picture: It could be great, unless someone has access to the room, discovered it, and tipped off a thief, which could  possibly lead to a thief cutting it right out of the wall and taking the whole safe with them. (It could act as a great decoy safe!)

8. Hidden inside of  an electronic item: The problem is that someone may steal the entire item, such as a TV or computer or printer!

9. Mixed in with costume jewelry:  The problem with this idea is that a thief may steal the whole parcel of jewelry to look through later on your stolen time!

10. Under A Mattress: One of the first places a thief looks & it offers no lockable protection against domestic “in-house” thieves (It is just too accessible).  This brainstorm of a spot may turn out to be your housekeeper’s retirement plan!

Thanks For Viewing The Portable Wealth Team
Thanks For Viewing The Portable Wealth Team
 Conclusion of Article:
* Disclaimer:  These are mere suggestions or tips not advise.
*Please make your own decisions of where to store your jewelry or items of value.
*There are no right answers, it is a personal choice matter.*Please send us a message if you found any typos or have any comments or concerns.*© Portable Wealth & SL, 2005-2016. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission is strictly prohibited & copyright will be fully enforced. All Rights Reserved.

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