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How to get Free Email & Text Message Alerts for your eBay Watch Lists

The need for eBay Watch List Alerts…

eBay’s Watch Lists are a popular feature on eBay. You can add items to your eBay Watch List and monitor them periodically. Most people only care what’s going on with an auction listing when it is near ending. That’s when it will get the most bids. Setting up alerts to notify you when a listing will be ending in the next 10, 20 or 30 minutes would save a lot of time.

Currently, eBay does not have a way to get text message alerts for Watch List items and their email reminders are random and you can’t control the timing. I will show you a way to set up free email and text message alerts for your eBay Watch Lists using a free eBay Certified  tool. With this tool, you can even choose when and how you will get these alerts.

1: Create a free account at AutomatedSearches.com

2: From the home page, go to the eBay Watch Lists page

3: Follow the instructions there to link your eBay Watch Lists to the alert service.

4: Choose all the settings for your Watch List Alerts

This is what it will look like once you add your Watch List to the alert system.

Your Watch List Alerts are ready…

Whenever your eBay Watch List items are near ending, you will get an email and/or text message alert with a link to the item so you don’t miss out.

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My expertise is on the Buying side of eBay. For over 10 years, I made a full-time living by buying and reselling items on eBay. In past the 16 years of working with eBay, I have earned the title of “eBay Buying & Automation expert”. And, being a software developer, I have used my knowledge to create powerful eBay automation tools and buying strategies.

I will be writing guides telling about my secrets to success on eBay and Amazon.

Dave Moniz, AutomatedSearches.com

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  1. It would be nice if someone could figure out how to get ALL THE CRAP EBAY SENDS DELETED WITHOUT HAVING TO GET IT….I mean every notice or warning they send.. Every sale on going, every offer. Checking no in preferences stops NOTHING….I wish to hear absolutely nothing from fleabag about anything they are or are planning to do….PERIOD

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