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How to get alerts when out-of-stock eBay items come back in stock

eBay has a feature where if a multiple quantity listing is sold out, it stays active so the seller can add items to it as needed. There are many professional eBay buyers that track only these types of ebay items and when the item comes back in stock, they buy the item.

We have created a free way to monitor these out-of-stock listings and send an alert when the items come back in stock. All that is required is an eBay account and a Free AutomatedSearches.com account.

1. Link your eBay Watchlist with AutomatedSearches.com.watchlists

2. Turn on in-stock-alerts
watchlist settings

3. Add eBay items that you want to monitor to your eBay Watchlist.

Every time an item in your eBay Watchlist goes back-in-stock after being out-of-stock you will automatically get an alert by email or text message.

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My expertise is on the Buying side of eBay. For over 10 years, I made a full-time living by buying and reselling items on eBay. In past the 16 years of working with eBay, I have earned the title of “eBay Buying & Automation expert”. And, being a software developer, I have used my knowledge to create powerful eBay automation tools and buying strategies.

I will be writing guides telling about my secrets to success on eBay and Amazon.

Dave Moniz, AutomatedSearches.com