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2 thoughts on “eBay Acquires Authentication Tool Designed for Brands”

  1. eBay Vice President Charis Marquez said in the announcement: “For many years, consumers have turned to eBay as a trusted destination for buying and selling…..

    trust ebay? yea right

  2. eBays reputation is SO BAD, that they needed to buy another company (that no ones ever heard of) to help WHITE WASH goods on eBay.

    eBay is certainly NOT a place thats trusted (Amazon has its share of issues as well – they are no angels), but eBay takes to another level – on eBay its an art form.

    Listings on eBay OPENLY state that the items are reproductions and nothing happens – even if you report it – reports go right in that circular basket under your desk.

    eBay listings openly sell PIRATED video games (multi game carts, multi game Jamma boards) and more – and NOTHING happens.

    eBay ONLY reacts when some big company – bigger then they are – threatens action. And its ONLY because eBay is afraid of loosing in court.

    VERO itself is a criminal racket, shilling for large makers who lean on them – and eBay KNOWS what they do violate the DMCA – never mind Lanham and the First Sale Doctrine.

    But sellers are noise so who cares right?

    Back to these idiots (lol tell me how you really feel!) ….. how will this impact sellers? “yes blah blah blah buyers/confident/safe/secure” uh huh and I have a bridge connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn – for sale CHEAP.

    Using magic super secret technology that no one can see and that they refuse to share – YOUR item – thats %100 fine – will be judged and YOU will/get in trouble.

    I can hear the cheerleaders crying (in unison with 4 part harmonies) BUT BUT if you arent doing anything wrong – you have nothing to worry about!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, sure – just tell that to ANYONE who has had to tangle with VERO and its crooks (who dont even have a phone number to be contacted). Now its some outside company who like eBays other “acquisitions” are SURELY working hard for YOU THE SELLER …. NOT.

    All a company needs to do is say “we dont recognize seller X as a authorized reseller and THEREFORE – ANYTHING they sell MUST be fake.”. They can do it with out even buying one to see/track!

    Of course GRIFF (whos asleep as always)(WAKE UP ALREADY) aka Mr eBay Dummy (well he did write that book about Dummies and eBay and as mom always said “it takes one to know one”) is no help either – as hes on the mob’s payroll. Head of seller protection my you know what.

    Its nice that eBay realizes that their repuation is worse then Jimmy Carter’s, and that as the number show both buyers AND sellers are leaving ……. so yeh – this should HELP.

    Another acquisition means more payroll, which means higher FVFs (maybe FVF on your breakfast cereal/toast/gasoline or what ever else they can get away with with the blessings of the cheerleaders here and elsewhere crying (like school girls not asked out on prom night) that “its not fair to eBay and THEY HAVE to charge FVF on shipping! (they JUST HAVE TO!!)”.

    Chalk up another loss for sellers! YEY!

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