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Latest eBay Coupon Drives Buyers Directly to Brands

Latest eBay Coupon Drives Buyers Directly to Brands

Even if eBay wasn’t experiencing a decline in the number of buyers on its marketplace (which it is), there are reasons why sellers may feel they are getting less visibility on eBay – and they have to do with how eBay directs buyers to certain sellers over others.

One example of the kind of traffic-directing by eBay is its current promotion offering shoppers a 15% discount. The coupon is good only for certified refurbished goods from brands and authorized resellers. That excludes a majority of sellers who offer new or used goods – even those who offer refurbished goods but are not authorized directly by the brand.

As of October 9, 2020, items listed as certified refurbished on eBay need to be approved by its certified refurbished team; eBay only approves manufacturers or manufacturer-approved vendors – and it requires the latter to provide evidence they are authorized resellers.

With the Certified Refurb coupon promotion eBay is running this week, buyers must enter the coupon code REFURB15 and pay by March 7th. An excerpt of the Terms and Conditions follows:

“This Coupon is a 15% discount on qualifying Certified Refurbished items, valid from 5:00am Pacific Time on March 1st, 2022, through 11:59pm Pacific Time on March 7th, 2022. The Coupon discount is capped at a maximum value of $100. Discount applies to the purchase price (excluding shipping, handling, and taxes) of eligible items purchased on eBay.com. Eligible items include items purchased within the Certified Refurbished condition, listed on this event page.”

eBay also has been driving buyers to a handful of categories (trading cards, watches, handbags, sneakers) – and it is urging sellers to pay more for eBay Promoted Listing Ads, which allows sellers to pay extra fees in order to get their listings seen ahead of others.

In our recent survey, sellers addressed these concerns. “Views and sales have dropped since eBay instituted their Promoted Listings (pay to play) program,” one survey respondent wrote.

“I suggest eBay Advertise for all categories, not just sneakers and auto parts,” another survey respondent wrote.

eBay says its vertical approach brings buyers to the site who spend in other categories as well, and eBay says it’s an effective strategy. Readers, tell us what you think.

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Ina Steiner
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One thought on “Latest eBay Coupon Drives Buyers Directly to Brands”

  1. Fortunately, we’ve found that eBay’s various schemes have been very effective – at driving buyers to our website.

    As eBay fees increase and their visibility/service and support declines, our customers are coming directly to our website, where they can pay less (sometimes 20% or more off the eBay prices) for the same items.

    Ebay has become little more than an advertising medium for us now.

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