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Pandemic Helps Amazon Gain 30 Million New Prime Members

Pandemic Helps Amazon Gain 30 Million New Prime Members

New research finds that the pandemic did not change specific shopping behaviors for Amazon customers, whether they were Prime members or not.

Less surprising, perhaps, was the finding that more customers signed up to become Prime members during the pandemic.

Those were the findings from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, LLC (CIRP), which released its analysis of buyer shopping patterns for Amazon for the first quarter of 2021.

“Items per visit, spending per visit, and number of departments shopped all remained relatively constant from before the pandemic until now,” according to Mike Levin, CIRP partner and co-founder. “As always, these were relatively similar for Prime members and non-Prime customers.”

Significantly, the big difference was shopping frequency, with Prime members buying from Amazon about twice as often, Levin said.

CIRP bases its findings on surveys of 500 US subjects who made a purchase at Amazon.com in the period from April-June 2021

CIRP’s other partner and co-founder Josh Lowitz noted, “Amazon did well during the pandemic by working its proven strategy of recruiting Prime members. Other retailers tried to tailor promotions in a new and unfamiliar environment. Beyond meeting the obvious and enormous challenge of scaling up to accommodate increased demand, Amazon mostly convinced shoppers to join Prime. The well-developed Prime membership model worked, with Amazon gaining about 30 million new individual Prime shoppers in the US in the past twelve months.”

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2 thoughts on “Pandemic Helps Amazon Gain 30 Million New Prime Members”

  1. Well, I am NOT one of those memberships!

    I really don’t get it or the buying from Amazon.
    I only went there for books I couldn’t get and then it became harder to find them.
    Then there were more merchandise and you pay more for them than getting off your butt and purchasing them.

    (I understand about some of the home bound people, but . . . (and if they have kids, shame on the kids in not helping out) )

    I hate when I see an Amazon box come to me by a seller that I purchase from on other sites. I will mention in the comment section about this.

  2. I AM one of Prime members and because of a discount have had it for years. I’m sorry to say but AMZ has it figured out. I went looking for a widget among other things. I shopped Target, Home Depot, almost every B&M store in my area and no one had the widget. But AMZ. AMZ had the widget. I’ve ordered at least 3 things from AMZ this week. It only takes one day to get an item, and I don’t have to go from one B&M to another searching for the widget. I need some business cards and went to 4-5 stores, no one (except Staples) had the cards, and I didn’t want to travel to Staples. Target had the cards, but not in store. It would take days to get the cards through shipping, so I went to AMZ.
    As for AMZ boxes, they encourage sellers (and others) to reuse their boxes. Maybe Ebay should give sellers (free) their branded shipping items. Instead of sellers having to BUY their packaging items.

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