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USPS Expands Loyalty Program for Shippers

USPS Expands Loyalty Program for Shippers

The USPS Loyalty Program launched on August 1, 2020, and changes to the program took effect on January 1, 2021, including an incentive to attract new accounts.

New USPS business customers using Click-N-Ship will be eligible for a one-time $40 Welcome Bonus credit upon shipping at least $500 combined at Priority Mail Express Retail and Priority Mail Retail rates.

The three-tier rewards program applies only to Postal Service business customers using Click-N-Ship for Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail shipping at retail rates.

The USPS describes the program benefits as follows:

“Existing USPS business customers are automatically enrolled in the Loyalty Program at the Base Loyalty tier, earning $40 of credit for each $500 spent in qualifying Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express products.

“Silver tier is reached when a business user reaches $10,000 worth of purchases of Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express labels in the prior calendar year. Silver tier businesses earn $50 of credit for each $500 spent.

“Gold tier business users will have access to Commercial Base Pricing, with up to 20 percent savings on Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express shipments. Gold tier status is achieved with $20,000 purchased on Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express labels in the prior calendar year.”

Experienced online sellers might wonder why business customers wouldn’t be using third-party services that offer Commercial rates, such as those offered by postage providers and marketplaces. “Who in the world is spending $20K on postage at retail pricing,” a reader asked when we wrote about the program in June.

You can read the reaction (and leave comments of your own) on this June 2020 AuctionBytes Blog post. And you can learn more about the program on the USPS website.

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3 thoughts on “USPS Expands Loyalty Program for Shippers”

  1. “Who in the world is spending $20K on postage at retail pricing,” a reader asked when we wrote about the program in June.

    Nobody which is why Lejoy is pushing the program so hard. Why would anybody that has any business sense want to spend all that money on shipments at retail pricing when they can already have the savings using a third party reseller. I guess Lejoy thinks everybody who is still using USPS must be gullible so they are trying to take advantage of it. USPS needs a new Postmaster General who has a clue as to how small businesses operate and understands that anybody spending $20,000 a year on Priority Mail knows more about how to run their business than he does about the service company he is trying to put out of business.

  2. Obviously LeJoy knows what he’s doing if people are signing up for this program.
    Dude is milking noobs and that is a pro-business move. He’s a tycoon which is why T appointed him.

    A single person or business not savvy enough to use a 3rd party site automatically earns the USPS a LOT more revenue than that single person using a 3rd party site as we do.

    Even though this program is ridiculous to us, it can be of benefit to fools while earning USPS money at the same time.

    When I go drop off pre-paids, I see the same small companies in there all the time handwriting Priority Mail labels and paying FULL COUNTER RATE. To disclose though, I do live in the ghetto and the “small businesses” around here are ran by not so intelligent people. I’m always surprised.

    So to rope them into a bad USPS deal before they figure out PirateShip or something is genius.

    USPS would be foolish to create a new program that gave us savvy people better deals than we get on 3rd party sites. Where is the business move in that? They are trying to raise rates, not lower.

    LeJoy for fixing the USPS!
    Break the China deals!
    America First!


    1. DeJoy for fixing the USPS? Really? He owns between $30-70 MILLION in investments with USPS contractors and competitors!

      As for China, your Royal MAGAt, brought up the China parcel issue at rallies, and once in office, did NOTHING about it.

      Perhaps you didn’t contribute enough. Hence his defeat.

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