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The Importance of Managing Shoppers’ Shipping Expectations

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The Importance of Managing Shoppers' Shipping Expectations

A recent study by ShipStation shows the pandemic has only increased the importance of managing shoppers’ expectations around shipping. And while online shoppers are a bit more patient due to pandemic-related challenges, ShipStation warns merchants shouldn’t expect this to last.

ShipStation surveyed 1,429 US and Canadian consumers and found that customers are willing to wait 8 days between placing an order and receiving it – that’s up from 5 days in 2019. It also found that 79% of respondents expect shipping delays due to COVID-19.

Highlighting the importance of communicating with customers, 93% of respondents said that when a retailer acknowledges or rectifies a poor delivery experience, they’re more likely to shop with that brand again in the future.

And, fair or not, 70% of consumers said that a negative delivery or shipping experience negatively impacted their impression of the retailer rather than the carrier.

Communications around shipping can impact conversion rates. Cindy Schulz, General Manager at ShipStation, said the data shows shipping plays a critical role in converting and retaining customers. “In fact, 92 percent agree that knowing their order will arrive when expected is a key factor in their online purchase decisions.”

Two-thirds of respondents expect merchants to offer a slower, free shipping option, while nearly half are more likely to pay for express shipping now than before the pandemic.

The report also highlights the opportunities resulting from consumers’ shift in behavior. North American consumers said they have increased online shopping by 33% over the past year, with nearly two-thirds agreeing that the majority of their shopping is now done online as a result of the pandemic.

You can download the report, “Last Touch, Lasting Impact: The 2020-2021 Edition,” on the ShipStation website.

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Ina Steiner
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2 thoughts on “The Importance of Managing Shoppers’ Shipping Expectations”

  1. “ShipStation surveyed 1,429 US and Canadian consumers and found that customers are willing to wait 8 days between placing an order and receiving it – that’s up from 5 days in 2019.”

    Buyers are simply RIDICULOUS these days, spoiled by Amazoo no doubt. I am a buyer! I have been buying things through the mail for 30+ years and back then, virtually all mail-order companies would say expect 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

  2. Covid,

    es it was a long wait for an item to get processed and shipped but that was before Amazon came along. It is a shame that some people expect an item to be delivered yesterday.

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