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Pay-to-Push Service Joins eBay Affiliate Program

Pay-to-Push Service Joins eBay Affiliate Program

eBay opened its affiliate program to PushNote, according to a press release issued by Sun Kissed Industries Inc. on Monday. PushNote uses an affiliate marketing model called “pay-to-push” where participants “push” information to others.

PushNote was acquired by Sun Kissed Industries Inc. last week, which calls itself “an emerging player in the CBD (Cannabidiol) marketplace.” Here’s how Sun Kissed described PushNote in its announcement of the acquisition on May 12th:

“The content and advertising industry continues to serve a mostly non-targeted audience, PushNote is changing that, allowing for genuinely interested targeted content and promotion marketing. In addition, PushNote allows the user to setup their own channel which others can subscribe to, allowing you to ‘push’ content and opportunities of interest to some or all of your followers including to the multitude of social media platforms you may already be using.”

In this week’s announcement, Sun Kissed said PushNote signed its first affiliate marketing deal with eBay:

“PushNote’s platform allows for rapid marketing, ‘pushing’, to your followers. When combined with a platform like eBay, with over 1 billion listings (stats by Oberlo.com), PushNote facilitates a mass marketing venue for eBay sellers and store owners. E-mail is still unreliable when it comes to delivery and opens. Using PushNote, both those concerns are mitigated, allowing for real-time statistics and increased listing views.”

PushNote will be submitting the latest build for eBay App Store listing approval this month, according to the announcement. “Our platform will be a game changer for eBay stores and sellers’ marketing efforts. Additional affiliate marketing agreements are in discussions.”

Sun Kissed has not responded to our inquiry for more information, nor have we seen any announcement from eBay.

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