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Etsy Holds ‘EtSEO’ Listing Critique Session on Wednesday

Etsy Holds etSEO Listing Critiques Session on Wednesday

Etsy sellers can submit their listings to be considered for a critique by Etsy experts on Wednesday. The “EtSEO” session will provide sellers with advice on how to improve their listings for greater visibility and improved conversion.

“With guidance from Etsy Shop Optimization Specialists, Etsy staff will review your listing and share a personalized critique,” Etsy explained. “The critiques will focus on things like keywords, photography, and other conversion tactics.”

Etsy will open up a thread on the Shop Critiques section its discussion boards on Wednesday between 8:30 – 11:00 am ET during which time, sellers can submit a link to a listing from their shop.

Etsy explained it won’t critique every listing that is submitted. It will select listings based on a lottery system, not on a first-come first-served basis.

Listing critiques will be shared on a rolling basis between 11:00am – 5:00pm ET.

You can find the announcement on this Etsy discussion board thread.

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Ina Steiner
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5 thoughts on “Etsy Holds ‘EtSEO’ Listing Critique Session on Wednesday”

  1. I’m curious to know what SEO tactics they push…ones that help them on Etsy search or ones that help them get found on Google. If the latter, then it’s a step in the right direction to fix Etsy’s problem with losing so much Google traffic due to black hat SEO tactics.

    If they’re not helping sellers get found on Google, then I wouldn’t bother listening to them.

  2. It’s unfortunate that Etsy has chosen to do all of these things via a platform which many of their top sellers are not privy to. Many were banned from participating in the forums years ago during the influx of manufactured goods from a certain country. I personally was banned because I mentioned the name of the country, Etsy telling me I had disparaged an entire nation. It’s time they remove the ban and let bygones be bygones, especially since they route so many “perks” through the forums. And, even more importantly, those who are banned have no access to the bugs forums where Etsy posts known problems and is informed about problems from sellers, and sellers can ask about technical issues they’re having.

  3. Well,
    First of all > Only Less than 30% of listings offer free shipping. That will diminish even further….
    Second of all > I Have seen some wonky listings as if the shop owners don’t have a clue, so maybe it’s a good idea….one photo and 2 words won’t cut it…..
    Meanwhile the season is missing the action of Last Season.
    I need income to keep on….

  4. Got an Email says Etsy is having a sale.
    I’m getting a break on their Pilfering from my profit ?
    That’s the only sale I’m interested in…..

  5. Etsy needs to refocus and come up with a better business plan for 2020. They need to decide if they’re going to be another social media app, or an online ecommerce platform…they can’t be both. Plus, allowing these huge resellers of Chinese goods on their platform under the guise of “personalized handmade goods” is just plane wrong. Most of these shops do not even produce the goods they sell, they use “partners” that do the work and then drop-ship the order directly to the customer. Just another Wayfair, but on a smaller scale.

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