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Etsy Adds Categories, Including the Kitchen Sink

Etsy Adds Categories Including the Kitchen Sink

Etsy updated listing categories and attributes, which it does periodically based on user feedback and its own research. Not only is it important for sellers to see the changes, but they may also help sellers identify trends.

For example, in Home & Living, Etsy added Gothic as a Style attribute, and in Wedding theme, it added Art Deco.

Under Accessories and Bags & Purses, Etsy added the following categories: Hat Pins & Stick Pins and Pill Boxes. The latter has nothing to do with hat styles. Etsy explains, “Pill Box is a new category for things like pill organizers you might carry with you on the go.” Etsy also added a dedicated Medicine Cabinet category for items meant to be used to store medicines.

On Etsy, you can buy kitchen sink caddies, but also the kitchen sink! This month Etsy added a “Sinks & Basins” category under Plumbing, along with “Faucets, Handles & Showerheads” and “Plumbing Pipes and Fittings.”

You can read the full announcement on the Etsy Seller Handbook.

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Ina Steiner
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3 thoughts on “Etsy Adds Categories, Including the Kitchen Sink”

  1. interesting, I suspect Etsy is planning to sell nutritional supplements under “Medicine Cabinet”.
    Etsy does not mean this category for storage. It has a wide meaning.
    Of course the supplements should be “hand-made”, which is not a problem at all in regard to those produced in China ;-). As for ‘Plumbing’, it can be interpreted as a plumbing supplies, obviously “handmade”.
    Etsy is in the race to bring back all those hundreds of thousands of lost buyers and sellers, and to attract millions of artisans and artists, and also manufacturers those listed on Alibaba. Meantime it is tightening the pockets of real artists and artisans trying to sell on the former Hand-Made Only platform.

  2. Etsy is one big scam, so I’d just take my business elsewhere if I were you. That’s what I’m doing.

  3. Well, I spent ALL MORNING “traveling” on the web.
    I have Successfully concluded :
    “We don’t need No Stinkin’n Etsy”.
    I want everyone here to know there are Several Wonderful alternatives.
    When Etsy raises OUR cost of doing business, I will most likely smoke a trail out of there.
    Can’t say the names of these Wonderful Alternatives, but PROFITS reside there.
    And creating a Brand New Environment will be a Complete Pleasure :o)
    My product is going to show up in search IMMEDIATELY upon standing on my own once again. It will no longer steer people to Etsy.
    I will be REMOVING corporate’s nose from my business.
    I should shutter my shop right now, take a well deserved overdue vacation (32 years), and return to the web a renewed, turbo charged profit making machine.

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