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eBay Spurs Sellers to Offer Tiered Volume Discounts

eBay Spurs Sellers to Offer Tiered Volume Discounts

eBay UK is running a promotion to encourage sellers to offer volume pricing discounts through a feature it calls Multi-buy in the UK, called Volume Pricing in the US. eBay also revealed that it was working on introducing discounts on multi-variation listings in 2019.

The Multi-buy merchandising feature is part of eBay Promotions Manager – you can see examples of other types of promotions sellers can run on this page, including Order size discounts; Markdown sale events; Shipping discounts; Codeless coupons; and Volume pricing, which eBay launched in September.

Multi-buy is designed to increase average order size – the more you buy, the bigger the discount. eBay describes the current Multi-buy UK seller promotion as follows:

If you add Multi-buy promotions to at least 50 items from your inventory from 21 February to 28 February 2019, you’ll receive 50% off any Final value fees on the 2nd and 3rd items of all your Multi-buy listings sold from 21 February to 31 March.

To get the most out of Multi-buy, we recommend you:

  • Offer discounts of at least 5% to the 2nd, 3rd or further items
  • Make your items even more attractive, offer free delivery on those items and you save money on multiple parcel postage

If you’re already using Multi-buy and you add Multi-buy promotions to 50 or more listings, you will receive the 50% Final value fees reduction on all the listings currently using Multi-buy promotions in your inventory. Giving you the perfect opportunity to test the new rule-based Multi-buy set-up.

eBay UK posted a video on YouTube that explains the Multi-buy feature.

Currently eBay excludes variations (such as different colors or different sizes of the same shirt) from Multi-buy – in other words, if shoppers want to buy 10 of a particular product to take advantage of a tiered, multiple-quantity discount, it has to be 10 identical items.

eBay UK explains: “Multi-buy can be set on any fixed price multi-quantity listing. For listings that have multi-variations or single quantity, the reduced price would not be displayed and would not be applied at checkout. The tiered discount will not show, and is not applied, on single quantity or multi-variation items.”

eBay offers rules to automate the process of apply Multi-buy discounts: “adding Multi-buy to listings can be done quickly and easily by setting up rules to apply Multi-buy to certain types of inventory under a selected item price or from a selected condition. The new listings are then automatically added to the campaign,” the company explains.

Terms and conditions of the promotion can be found on this page.

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Ina Steiner
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3 thoughts on “eBay Spurs Sellers to Offer Tiered Volume Discounts”

  1. Why don’t the bozos in the Ivory Tower just pay sellers to give away their junk free.

  2. Volume pricing works wonders for low-cost light-weight MQFP items. Since shipping cost is significant compared to the actual item cost, one can offer big discounts for multiples. I have many items that ship as 1st class parcels with discounts up to 50% with the purchase of 4 or more and I am seeing a big increase in multiple-item purchases. In most cases the increase in postage cost is small or zero so profit per transaction is way up.

  3. This is a great idea, but make it as flexible as possible. For example, sellers should be able to offer discounts on multiples of the same item, or multiple different items. Discounts should be available based on units and/or total spend. I create one-time ad hoc special auctions all the time to provide volume discounts. It’s more trouble than it should be. EBay has made great strides with Seller hub. Let’s have more useful tools for sellers!

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