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eBay Delays Launch of New Store Tiers in Canada


eBay logoeBay introduced two new tiers to its eBay Stores subscription plans this year, but sellers in Canada will have to wait until 2019. The original announcement stated:

“We currently offer three eBay Store subscriptions: Basic, Premium, and Anchor. Starting May 1, 2018, eBay.com will introduce two new eBay Stores subscriptions—Starter and Enterprise—with the new subscriptions to be introduced on eBay.ca later in 2018. The expanded spectrum of Store subscriptions will provide you with a Store subscription option that meets your specific business needs and goals.”

eBay said it issued this week’s announcement informing sellers of the delay in response to hearing buzz from Canadian sellers at the recent eBay Open conference in Las Vegas.

eBay announcement follows:

New Store Subscriptions on eBay.ca—They’re Still Coming!
In our 2018 Spring Seller Update, it was announced that two new Store subscriptions—Starter and Enterprise—would be introduced to eBay.ca in late 2018.

There was a lot of buzz about these new subscriptions among Canadian sellers at eBay Open this year, and we want to confirm that yes, these new subscriptions are still coming to eBay Canada!

There may be a small delay that will see them launch early in 2019, but we’ll keep you updated, and provide more information as we have it.

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SOURCE: eBay Canada Announcement

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2 thoughts on “eBay Delays Launch of New Store Tiers in Canada”

  1. You mean that Ebay is going to delay something that would mean more revenue for them. I guess those layoffs were of people that actually performed the work at Ebay rather than those that sit around in meetings thinking of ways to reach deeper into the Sellers pockets to rip them off for more money.

  2. “There was a lot of buzz about these new subscriptions among Canadian sellers at eBay Open this year”

    Technically, if there were just TWO Canadian sellers at the open, the phrasing should be “between”, not “among”.

    I suspect there were two.

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