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Kyozou Offers Tips to Deal with eBay Changes to Search


eBay logoeBay is forging ahead with plans to transform its shopping experience to one that feels more like Amazon than its own traditional “listings-based” experience. (See more about eBay’s playbook in this piece in the EcommerceBytes Blog.)

Kyozou helps merchants sell on eBay and other channels, and General Manager Reid Armstrong said his company is ready for the eBay changes, and he offered some tips for sellers.

A product-based search platform will simplify the user experience, he said, which would translate into sales growth overall. “As with any changes I am sure there will be ups and downs for sellers, but I feel the early adapters will benefit the most.”

“The best advice I have for any seller now is to make sure to include as much data as possible for category item specifics, the MPN is going to be very important. The more compliant your listings are to eBay’s suggested listing policy the better.”

MPN stands for Manufacturer Part Number; eBay requires sellers to use product identifiers like MPNs so it match listings to its product catalog, which is key to the new shopping experience. In fact, beginning in May, sellers will have to list certain products by matching them to eBay’s catalog, or they won’t be able to list them, according to eBay’s playbook we obtained – and the requirement will expand to some entire categories in August.

While one-of-a-kind (OOAK) products don’t always have “SKUs” or MPNs, sellers of such items should also take heed. “Unique/Vintage inventory items I think will always have a home with eBay but it’s definitely important to make those listing compliant,” Armstrong said.

“Use stock grade images for your listings not only for eBay but helps with Google Shopping indexing as well.”

Using the best quality images possible with a white background and no watermarks ensures your chances of having your listings appear in the eBay catalog and in Google Shopping.

Armstrong said Kyozou is currently updating its system to the new API eBay has released. He believes eBay’s change to a product-based platform will make things easier for multi-channel sellers as marketplace requirements become more unified in their requirements.

eBay has yet to provide sellers with details about the rollout, so stay tuned for details.

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  1. This is a major disaster in the making. The little seller will be non existent in a few months. BUT as usually Fleecebay is keeping all the best details under wraps until the day they inflict this needle of death to the small seller. BYE BYE small seller nice knowing ya.

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